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Gorgeous Emily Watson pics in Punch Drunk Love

Updated on August 26, 2013

Punch Drunk Love 2001 movie review

Director Paul T. Anderson is a famous director who has made this film. I have not seen any of his previous films, but I had great pleasure in watching this film a few days back. You may have seen many movies before like Punch Drunk Love but Paul Thomas Anderson has given in this movie an original take with fantastic direction and outstanding screenplay. The main lead actors include Emily Watson and Adam Sandler who have given their top performances and the great phenomenal-background score.

Everything is really perfect in this movie. It looks like the way all scenes in this movie are set-one after other, as if this film director was enjoying each and every scene and moment of film making process.

Undoubtfully, punch drunk love belongs to P.T. Anderson who has got brilliant control over his own craft.

Watch this movie if you are in a real mood to watch a different film even if the story is not so different. Highly recommended

Emily Watson Awarded
Emily Watson Awarded
Gorgeous sober beauty - Emma Watson
Gorgeous sober beauty - Emma Watson


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