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The Best Emma Stone Movies

Updated on March 23, 2011

Don't You Love Emma Stone?

This page is dedicated to the small but growing list of Emma Stone movies.

She definitely stands out from even from the crowded group of hollywood female hotties. She is strikes a memorable chord in our hearts with her seductive eyes, razor sharp wit in that "I'm-not-try-too-hard" sort of sexiness.

So sit back and enjoy the reviews, movie stills and trailers of you favorite up and coming movie star.

Movie Trailer of the Movie "Easy A"

Easy A

One of the most witty teen movie with the charismatic Emma Stone that we are sure is on her way to movie stardom.

Paper Man

Emma Stone in her breakout role as a babysitter the young at heart Jeff Daniels, a struggling novelist with a really understanding wife (Lisa Kudrow) and a helpful imaginary friend (the funny Burt Reynolds).

Trust me, you'll love this quirky movie where Emma manages to shine among her other fantastic co-stars.


Here's some zombie blasting fun mixed in with a quirky sort of romantic geek meets girl who steals his car, and then they kill zombies together type of movie.

Watch it and be amaze at how the much fun can still be had when the whole world goes to zombie hell. Did I mention you can find true love too?  


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    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 6 years ago

      she was also in the house bunny,the rocker,superbad, the ghosts of girlfriends past and marmaduke. I think she'll be the best thing about the spiderman reboot!! I love he sarcasim and wit, I think she'll be around for many years to come