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Empire -- A New Player is Introduced...

Updated on November 12, 2018

Lucious sells something of Cookie's without telling her...

Last time, Jamal and Kai became engaged. Tiana told Hakeem it's over forever. And Cookie and Lucious had their first success with their new company.

Hakeem back in the studio recording his music. Lucious feels Hakeem is finding himself. Cookie wants Jamal to take a bath and take a break. She's worried about him.

Cookie still doing research on HIV. Lucious suggests she trust Kai. Cookie says they're going to lose everything if they don't get some cash fast. Cookie and Lucious make a bet on who signs the first new artist.

Thirsty says Carlito, the artist Lucious wants to sign plays poker and Lucious needs half a million to buy his way in.

Kai and Jamal have been having a sexfest for the last three days. Jamal takes a break to spend some time with Becky.

Cookie at the park looking for new talent.

Lucious sells a painting he gave to Cookie as a wedding present to get the money. Maybe he should have asked Cookie, first, before he did this.

Thirsty give Lucious the 411 on the people he'll be playing poker with.

Portia's thinks her relative Big City is the new discovery Cookie is looking for.

Elizabeth Landry, Maia's mom comes to see Cookie during the auditions because she's worried about her daughter. Seems the girl has been in a tailspin since Cookie told her she was the product of a jailmate of Cookie's and the guard who forced himself on her.

Kingsley against a trio that Becky and Gisele like and he says he's dropping them.

Jamal hides his ring when Becky shows up. When he says he might have to cut it short because of Kai and she gets mad and plans to leave. So Jamal apologizes and says he'll put on his onesy and not cut it short. I thought Becky was acting like a jerk.

Damon Cross introduces himself to Lucious at the game. He says he's a money guy.

Jamal accidentally consumes some of Becky's drugs and freaks out, fearing it'll jeopardize his recovery. Both Becky and Kai are pretty blasé about it. Maybe they wouldn't be if they were a recovering drug addict and it happened to them.

Andre wakes Hakeem up. He tells him to take a shower and get something to eat.

Becky and Kai eat some of the drugs Jamal accidentally ingested so Jamal won't feel alone. I don't see how that's supposed to help the situation.

Cookie gets a call from the Manhattan Police Department. It's Maia. She got caught with drugs her boyfriend gave her and he won't come and get her out, so she called Cookie up to help her.

Cookie comes and get her out of jail. She got arrested by an undercover cop when her boyfriend, Evan, got her to make a drug drop. Cookie tries to make her see she's got to dump her lowlife boyfriend and she seems to agree.

Gisele tries to get Kingsley to reconsider about Three Black Divas. Gisele realizes he wants to dump the singers because they were Lucious' discovery. He won't admit she's right. Kingley has a pic of a girl he keeps tucked away. He says he'll make him pay. Is the HE Lucious?

Becky, Kai and Jamal high. When Becky mentions Michael, Jamal's first love [who Becky liked a lot] Kai reveals he's engaged to Jamal, which makes Becky feel betrayed, because Jamal didn't tell her. Again, she's acting like a total jerk.

Gisele and Three Black Divas getting drunk together. She tells them Kingsley wants to drop them from the label. And they say the Lyons knew what they were worth.

Andre tells Hakeem he needs to talk to someone, when he won't take a shower. Hakeem says rapping is his therapy. Hakeem starts whining about Andre killing Annika. Andre throws it back in his face that Baby Killer killed his child and his child would be five if it hadn't been for her. The rest of the Lyons always forget what the evil bitch did to Andre and that she got exactly what she deserved.

Becky starts to storm off. Becky accuses Jamal of not really wanting her there. Jamal asks her to stay. Becky says she wasn't sad when she thought Kai was dead, but now she would be. And they all hug since they're now family.

Maia trashes Cookie and her family when she doesn't want to leave her user boyfriend, after all. It makes Cookie doubt herself. My message to little Maia, the next time your boyfriend get you arresed and won't come pay you bail, don't call Cookie. In short, girl, you made your bed, so wallow in it.

Lucious wins Carlito in a poker game and all the money in the pot, until someone storms in and steals all the money. It turns out Lucious was behind the money to get the money AND the artist he wanted. Cookie did say they needed money.

Lucious and Thirsty going over their plan. Lucious got 4 million, but Thirsty says they lost the painting. Thirsty says they'll get a copy so Cookie won't know. Little do they know that Damon Ross has it.

Cookie still upset about her run-in with Maia. She tells Lucious she feels they're moving too fast. That they're not thinking their decisions through.

Cookie comes in the kitchen the next morning seeing Hakeem eating. Hakeem assures her he's good, even though he's writing lyrics like he wants to kill someone.

Gisele comes to Lucious with Three Black Divas wanting to make a deal.

Back to the present. What we're seeing is basically a flashback. FBI questioning Lucious. He's being asked about Damon Cross. Lucious said he doesn't know the man. Lucious is given pictures of Cookie and Damon together and they look pretty darned cosy.


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