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Empire -- Andre's Has More Trouble Headed His Way

Updated on October 5, 2016

And Jamal can't overcome his problem

Last week, Jamal choked during a live performance, allowing Nessa to take the spotlight and show what she has. Lucious was being a rotten father to all his kids while he tried to replace Hakeem as father to his grandchild. And the Baby Killer killed Rhonda and Lucious covered up to protect her.

Someone is ringing Cookie's bell. It's a bunch of deliveries. It's Lucious and Cookie gets rid of all his gifts.

Baby Killer interviewing nannies. He asks who gave her permission to hire nannies. It seems Baby Killer isn't taking to being a mama and taking care of her kid.

Jamal being interviewed with a councilman named Angelo Dubois. The councilman and Jamal lock horns and the councilman invites Jamal to see how he's trying to fight racism. Cookie tells Jamal he's not to do it and she's rude to the man.

Lucious meeting with Nessa and Shine. Lucious asks what Nessa wants when Hakeem says he and Nessa will be working together.

Cookie walks in and returns all the stuff to Lucious. Tells him to give it to Baby Killer. Lucious tells the lion statue they'll all come around.

Jamal introduces Lucious to Angelo Dubois, as he gives him and his kids a tour.

Nessa and Hakeem working together in the studio. She actually inspires him to come up with a good song. And they make beautiful music together.

Lucious interrupts a meeting with Cookie and Becky. He says he wants her to give a new track he created to Jamal. Cookie says she knows what he's doing. That track is from when they first met. They flashback to when Cookie and Lucious first met. She says when she met him she knew she was meant to do music. Cookie says they're done. Cookie says he's not going to wear him down.

Andre asking Rhonda to help him. He hears her voice, but can't see her. Jamal comes in and Andre says he was talking to Rhonda. Andre says he's not going to make it because Rhonda handled his meds, but Jamal says he'll help Andre with his meds. Jamal comforts him when he starts crying.

Lucious says that Jamal can't sing anymore. Angelo and Cookie get into it. She accuses him of never having to overcome anything. Jamal tells Lucious he's never seen Cookie go off on anyone like that except for Lucious and Lucious doesn't like that. One might even say he looks a bit worried.

Cookie wakes up to hear rapping, thinking it's the radio. Lucious brings live music to her and Cookie seems to be enjoying it. She says Lucious has to stop hitting her over the head with everything that happened when they first met. Lucious says he saw Cookie before saw him and he declared he would make Cookie his.

Cookie was a catholic school girl? I thought she came from the hood?

Lucious tells her she knew his destiny was her.

Andre asks how Cookie did it. She tries to get him to go back to church. She tells Andre she's proud of him. She says he fought his way out of the hood and to keep fighting. It's nice to see her doing some mothering to the one son she usually neglects.

Shine attacks a guy for looking at Nessa's butt. That's a good lesson to Hakeem to watch himself.

The Summit takes place in Lucious' club. One of Angelo's kids performs to open the show. Cookie has a flashback of her boyfriend before Lucious named Barry. He gives his food to a homeless man. She recalls dumping him.

Lucious makes a speech and uses the moment to make Jamal get up there and perform. Jamal has to get away when someone shines a light in his eyes. He starts hyperventilating and when Cookie and Lucious find him he says he can't do it anymore.

Cookie asks Lucious what are they going to do to fix Jamal's problem.

Angelo invites Cookie to come down to the center. Lucious eyes Angelo as his enemy.

Becky's boyfriend tells her he's leaving Empire and going with Shine. He tells Becky Lucious and Cookie will never make her the head of A&R. He urges her to leave Empire, which he thinks is a sinking ship.

Andre watches Jamal downing pills and booze. Andre makes Jamal says he's going to beat this. Andre says Hakeem is a father and when he's ready to step-up they'll have his back. Andre says he needs to get Rhonda out of his head. He's going to go to his old place and grab the last of his stuff.

Tyrique's mother pulls him away from Lucious and warns him to stay away from Lucious when he was a boy. He watches Baby Killer putting her baby down in the crib. She realizes the teddy bear is bugged. So Lucious puts on a show and starts coming on to her to put a show on for him before getting rid of the bear.

Andre is taking stuff out of his place and some white cops start hassling him. Says there's been a lot of break-in in the neighborhood. The white cops violently throw him to the ground and threaten him with a gun.

I'm getting a very anti-white feel off this show. They kill off the only white character on the show and treat it like an after thought without even giving her a funeral now the dirty crooked white cops racial profile Andre and start pushing him around.

If a show becomes too radical that can be the first step to cancellation. Better watch it, dudes.


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