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Empire -- Cross Wants the Cookiemonster

Updated on April 3, 2019

Thirsty's caught in a trap and there's no way out...

Last time, there may be something wrong with Andre. Thirsty was given the choice by the FBI to rat out Lucious or Damon Cross.

Thirsty being questioned about what happened 18 months ago at the Platinum Party between Lucious and Damon. She says Thirsty is her bait to link Lucious and Cross. It seems Cross start obsessing over Cookie and deciding she would be his way back then.

An agent trying to contact Cookie and wants to make her a star. Carol urges her to go for it. It could be good publicity.

Andre is in the hospital getting a catscan. I bet he’s going to have a brain tumor and that’s why he’s been acting so strange. It seems it wasn’t his inner Lucious coming out to play, after all.

Hakeem performing and Jamal doesn’t like the dance moves. Mia the brown noser suggests some dance moves and Jamal has her show them. Jamal wants him and Hakeem to go on tour but Gisele is against it and she vows to put a stop to it. Cookie says she’ll take care of Gisele.

The nasty prosecutor still hammering away at Thirsty. She claims the only thing that will save him is the truth. Thirsty talks about something that happened two years ago. He talks about meeting a woman named Vera.

Gisele tells Cookie she went to Kelly Patel about the tour to try and stop it from happening.

Tiana and Trashbag keep going at it instead of singing.

Thirsty says Vera wanted to go to the Platinum Party. Lucious came up saying he thinks Thirsty should take a leave of absence until he can afford to pay for him. Cross came up to him at the party and hired him. Vera warns Thirsty it’s no coincident that Cross approached him because Lucious let him go. She says Cross is dangerous and tries to convince him not to work for Cross, but he’s sure he can handle it.

Andre told his CT scan results are troubling. He seems to zone out while the doctor is giving him his prognosis, which isn’t good.

Cookie meets the Hollywood agent. She says she could be her own brand. That she could be the next big personality. She talks about getting her on The View as the now co-host.

Jamal tries to get Tiana and Trashbag to get along and do the song. He seems to get through to them and they stop sniping and start singing.

Thirsty says Damon never talked to him after the party. Then she asks about a Victor Horse. Thirsty recalls a transaction he and Cross had with Horse. Cross takes a lead pipe to Horse and killed him. Cross says he’s far more dangerous than Lucious.

Andre shows up at the Patel meeting with Gisele, Lucious and Cookie. Andre explodes at them when they keep sniping at each other that how can they rebuild peoples trust in Empire if they can’t even trust each other.

Tiana and Trashbag finally record the track that Jamal wanted them to.

Thirsty denies knowing a Victor Horse. The ProsecutorShe says if Thirsty keeps hanging with Cross he’s going to end up like Horse. It was Cross that demanded Thirsty arrange the poker game with Lucious.

Patel goes to see Gisele. He says he owed Gisele an apology for making Kingsley CEO over her. Lucious comes in saying they want to make the concert tour free to repay their fans, and Gisele says she’s siding with Cookie and Lucious over Patel. Concert on.

Thirsty came back to the office to find Cross waiting for him with a gun. Thirsty offered to sell the painting Lucious gave Cookie but Cross wanted to keep it.

Thirsty claims he was never on the inside with either Lucious or Cross and it was Lucious that told him to give Cross the painting.

Lucious announces the tour will be starting in Philadelphia. Lucious wonders where Andre is for the big news. Jamal hires Mia as a choreographer.

Andre is with Tracy. He wants Tracy to sign a trust for her son. He tells Tracy he has cancer and it’s advanced. That it’s just a matter of time and he’s dying. She asks how long they’ve given him and he says a few months at best.

Thirsty walks out of the FBI, but the prosecutor doesn’t believe him, so now she’s setting her sights on the Lyons. Thirsty comes out to a limo where Cross is holding a gun on Vera. He lets Vera out of the car but when Thirsty says he’s out, he says he’s still in and wants him to keep an even closer eye on Lucious.

Cookie says she’s scared about the future. And she’s going to let the agent make her a star.

Terry refuses to sign the papers and refuses to believe this is the end for Andre. She says she’s going to help him fight this. He did the impossible for her so she’s going to do the same for him.

And to think I thought Kingsley was the worst. Now we’ve got some Love Puppy crushing on the Cookie Monster.


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