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Empire -- Dirty Diana is Back

Updated on October 18, 2018

Just what does she think is Lucious' Achilles' Heel?

Last time – Lucious' nemesis Kingsley reached out to the evil Diana Dubois in his war with the Lyons. White Rapper Dude seems to want to take Hakeem's place with Tiana and lets her think Hakeem's song is his. Andre gets out of prison, but before leaving he puts a hit out on his enemy. And Lucious was alienating his allies, including Cookie.

Lucious and Cookie are waiting for Andre to come out of prison. Cookie makes Lucious promise to make sure Andre never goes back to prison, while Kingsley visits Diana, again. She says Lucious pissed him off when he wouldn't let Kingsley make him his puppet. Diana says she'll give him Lucious' Achilles' Heel if he gets her some face cream. It sounds like some exclusive expensive face cream.

Cookie sends Porsha on the mission to find a background singer Cookie thinks they can make their next star.

Jamal worried cause his boyfriend Kai hasn't come home and no one seems to know where he is. Jamal remembers meeting Kai when he told him someone drugged his drink and rescues him from a bar.

Lucious loading a gun to go after someone for some money. Andre wants to be Lucious' back-up, but Lucious tells him no.

Cookie and Porsha track down Devon. She asks him to sing for her. Cookie says she wants to manage him and make him a star. They see that Becky beat them to the punch with Devon. And just how did she know who Cookie was after? Did she stick a bug on Porsha? Becky seems to win the battle for Devon, as she gets him to agree to drop by Empire so she can give him a taste of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Andre is already at the place where Lucious was headed when he arrives. The gym owner says he needs more time to pay and Lucious lets him. Lucious doesn't like the way Andre's trying to tell him how it's done just because he spent time in the pen.

Becky and Kingsley give Devon the treatment. Kingsley says he'll mold him into what the fans want him to be, which doesn't seem to float his boat. Gisele saves the day with him, though, by shining him on about him being another Luther or Marvin.

In the past, Jamal accuses Kai of drugging him to get a story. Kai says he saved Jamal because he doesn't like to see people taken advantage of. Then Jamal invites Kai to dinner and he agrees.

A man named Eric Nelson comes to tell Jamal they haven't heard from Kai in 48 hours and they're worried something might have happened to him. Did I call it or did I call it. It's always a tip-off when someone's in a dangerous situation and says they'll be home the next day. On TV that's the kiss of death.

Devon drops by to see Cookie. She says that Empire told him who he could be and she says she'll let him be who he is. She tries to get Devon to sign a contract with her. He asks to talk to his sister before he signs.

Gisele has a detective dig up dirt on Kingsley and learns about his visits to Diana Dubois. Meanwhile Kingsley gets Diana her face cream that she wanted.

Lucious visits another person who owes him money. Mike starts copping an attitude with Lucious and Andre and refusing to pay, so Andre shoots him in the kneecap and he's not so smart anymore. Lucious cleans out his safe but there's just chump change in there. He says he'll get the rest to him, not wanting over vital areas to be shot.

Lucious says what Andre did was reckless. Lucious says he's the one who should put himself at risk. Lucious offers to teach Andre how to control the fire in him.

Jamal looking at the last communication he had with Kai as he thinks about their first date. It isn't long before they're locking lips but he turns Jamal's offer of heading to the bedroom down.

White Rapper Dude performing Hakeem's song with Tiana. Wait til Hakeem finds out what the little punk is doing. Tiana wants them to record the song, but he says only if she doesn't make it public.

Cookie meets Devon's sister whose handicapped. She says Devon is working four jobs to pay for her surgery. Cookie seems to change her mind about signing Devon cause she knows he needs the money Empire can give him and she can't.

Cookie calls Becky over. She tells Becky Devon is hers. She can't give Devon what he needs and asks her to make sure Devon gets his sign-up money up front.

Hakeem surprises Tiana at Empire and surprises her with a dinner, then tries to get in her pants. He says the night is about her and not him as he goes down on her.

Cookie has to tell Lucious what she did. Devon comes to Lucious and Cookie to tell them he turned Empire down and wants to sign with Cookie and Lucious. Lucious gives Devon the money he collected for Devon's sister.

Kai reveals to Jamal he's HIV Positive, but it's low in his blood and hard to transmit. That's why he turned down Jamal's offer of sex. Jamal says he's HIV negative and he knows how to stay that way. That he thinks Kai is perfect and he wants him.

Becky drops by to see Jamal and tries assure him Kai is all right. He says the only reason Kai took the assignment is because he made him come there. He reveals he'd been planning to ask Kai to marry him, but they got into a fight before he left. He says it was going to be so perfect.

Becky calls Cookie and Lucious over to Jamal's. Jamal wants to go looking for Kai, but Lucious tries to get him to stay and wait. Lucious reveals they found Kai's wallet and cell phone at the side of the road. Jamal breaks down in Cookie's arms.

Gisele comes to see Diana. Diana tells her not to lie if she wants to be friends. Gisele says she wants Diana's help to show Kingsley and the Lyons she won't put up with their disrespect. Diana says the Lyons need to know what it feels like to put one of their own into the ground. So it seems it is one of the Lyons in the coffin. Or is it?

Five months later. Lucious comes out of a room. He's got blood all over shirt. Was he shot?

Fade to black and the announcement the show won't be back for two weeks...

So which of the four Lyons could it be?

Cookie – Unless Taraji has decided to bid the show goodbye because she's getting married, I don't see them killing off Cookie and if it is Cookie I'm not sure the show will survive, as Lucious and Cookie are the show. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the first time Taraji left a show at the height of her popularity...

Andre – I really hope it isn't Andre. He's emerged as the most interesting Lyon brother. He's grown as a character in ways his other two brothers just haven't.

Hakeem – the character was annoying when the show began and he's still annoying. Since he's reproduced he might not be missed if it's him.

Jamal – the first season he was the root-for Lyon brother, but over time the character has become kind of stale. Most of his story consists of his revolving bedroom door. The guy has turned into a real Bedroom Betty.

So, if this isn't a giant cop-out and if it is one of the Lyons, Jamal or Hakeem might not be missed that much. Of the two, I think it might be Hakeem.


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