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Empire -- Jamal and Hakeem Face Romantic Woes

Updated on November 4, 2018

Things look up for Jamal, but down for Hakeem

Last time, Jamal was in a tailspin because his boyfriend, Kai, was missing, and possibly presumed dead. Hakeem went down on Tiana in a bid to get her back. And Andre was a little out of control with his new Lucious-like behavior.

Jamal's prayers were answered when Kai returned a little battered and bruised, but otherwise fine. Cookie, however, wasn't fine with Kai and Jamal's relationship when she learned Kai has HIV. Seems she saw a few horror stories in jail with people who had AIDS.

Hakeem and Tiana are haunted about the past. I thought Hakeem's problems were from nearly being shot down, but it seems during the two year time jump Hakeem got Tiana pregnant with twins, but their daughter died in child birth and neither has really gotten over that tragedy, yet.

Tiana tells Hakeem they're not back together even though they did the deed. She notices Hakeem still carrying a gun with him. Hakeem has a flashback of pregnant Tiana when they were happy. He says he'll prove to her he's ready to come home to his family.

Tiana's meeting with Kingsley doesn't go well when she wants to play the song Hakeem wrote but White Rapper Dude made her think he wrote. Tiana remembers being in labor and being ignored when she said something was wrong with the babies, and it makes her decide to tell Becky she's done with Empire. She's not going to let anyone ignore what she has to say anymore.

Lucious making Cookie Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. Cookie tells Lucious that Kai has HIV. Lucious says they need to mind their own business. She accuses him of acting like Dwight. He tells her it won't work if she tries to tell Jamal how to live his life. He'll be with Kai no matter what she says and she could end up alienating him in the process. Who'd have thunk it. Lucious is the voice of reason, only Cookie is sticking her fingers in her ears repeating, “I'm not listening.”

Jamal drops by to help Lucious with Devon. Lucious is having problems with him. He feels he's not reaching down into his soul when he sings. He's hoping Jamal can help him.

Cookie sees Andre acting out in anger when he doesn't get the answer he wants to hear. He was trying to get some money for Empire. Andre says he owes her an apology. He says that he used to tell people she was dead while she was in prison so he wouldn't have to tell them the truth. He just had lunch with some old college buddies and they think all the people in prison are nothing but lowlifes. He says he's ashamed for what he did. Before he went inside he didn't get it. She says if Andre thinks all he has to offer is money she's failed him.

Lucious trying to figure out what Devon is holding back. So he takes him to the basketball court and challenges him to a game. Devon finally opens up saying his girlfriend dumped him when he wanted to be celibate to concentrate on his music. When Devon sings again this time Lucious is happy to see what he's singing and the way he's singing.

Hakeem hears the song she and White Rapper Dude did and knows they're his lyrics. To say he's not pleased is an understatement.

Tiana sees Kingsley has given some of Tiana's songs to another artist. Tiana storms away, again, says she's so over this. Maybe she should have stayed true to Lucious and Cookie instead of throwing them over for Eddie Spaghetti.

Andre trying to help Quincy's mother, Terry. He says he made a decision to kill the man who was threatening her son and he's who she needs to help her. She says she needs her son home.

Lucious has Devon do a live performance and the crowd likes what they hear. Then he introduces Jamal and has him come to the stage. He performs a song with Devon that he wrote for Kai.

Cookie doesn't like Jamal dedicating a song to Kai and zeroes in on him to have a private conversation with him. Jamal isn't going to thank her if she chases Kai away. She says she can't have Jamal getting sick. Kai tries to get Cookie to see that he's got HIV not AIDS. She also says she can't have Jamal destroyed the way he was when he thought Kai was dead. He and Cookie seem to reach an understanding and hug.

Cookie and Lucious play hardball with someone who wants to sign Devon. They're celebrate because this is their first success. The new company is finally getting off the ground.

Hakeem goes after Blake. Someone finally said it.] [that's White Rapper Dude's name for passing off his song as his own. Hakeem flashes back on hearing one of their babies dying in child birth. Hakeem tells Tiana he's tired of people taking things from him. Hakeem says Blake wants her and she fires back it isn't fair how he's been acting since they lost their daughter. She says she's done with him and walks away.

Kai gets down on one knee and proposes to Jamal. Jamal says he stole his move and brings out the ring he bought for him which he shows to Kai. He gets down on the ground with Kai and proposes back. They kiss and declare their love.

It looks like another bad white dude has bitten the dust, now we have another to take his place in the arrogant and annoying Kingsley.


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