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Empire -- Lucifer Has His Destroyer Of Souls

Updated on November 29, 2016

Only it's not the son he thinks it is...

Last time, war was averted with Shine, but he still was out to get Lucifer, so he tipped off Ty-Freak that he should talk to Freida. Meanwhile, Lucifer worked his dark magic on Hakeem and convinced the fool he could be a destroyer of souls [supposedly through his rapping] and he attacked both his brothers during a live streaming event.

Cookie sends Angelo a dirt photo of herself in a text.

Jamal doesn't like the song he's working on. Jamal's having a hard time without his pain meds.

Lucifer in his doo-rag calms the baby and tells Baby Killer she can be Shine's A&R.

Tiana's song plays on all the Lyon's phones and sends Lucifer a text that he got got. He learns someone has hacked into their email server. Andre suggests it's Vaughn.

Nessa recording with the little punk, Hakeem. He comes on to her saying they have something together she and Andre can't...the music. Andre gets in the punk's face and tells him he'd better fall back, after he tells Nessa she has to choose between them.

Lucifer confronts Vaughn about hacking their email. He says he was fired from the company he was working for. Lucifer and Andre get sent a bunch of emails with a message demanding a million dollars every hour. Lucifer orders their computer expert to stop this.

They learn that the data has been stolen from their email server.

Angelo gives a speech for his mayoral campaign. When Cookie won't answer her phone, Lucifer calls her on one of Angelo's security guards phones.

An emergency board meeting is held. When one of the board members wants Andre to step down from the board because he helped cover up Vernon using company funds to pay prostitutes. Andre counters that the board member asking that also does the same thing and shuts the board members up.

Tiana's new boyfriend dumps her on a video. Tiana demands they stop this hack because he's releasing her getting dumped on video. Cookie’s nude pic she sent Angelo gets released next and Lucifer throws a chair through the TV in reaction.

Cookie suggests Lucifer released that picture of her to embarrass Angelo. Then she learns he's letting Baby Killer be Shine's A&R. Shine and Cookie trade barbs as he claims he isn't behind the hack.

Xavier wants Becky to help him out of the mess of everyone trashing the song he and Cookie wanted to release. Becky offers to help him if he backs her up with Cookie, but it's obvious the punk is lying that he will.

Jamal reads all the anti-Jamal email he got for coming out as gay. Someone hacks into the song Jamal put down.

Lucifer learns they managed to hack inside of everything at Empire.

Cookie offers to dump Angelo. She says if he stays with her he's going to lose his mayoral race. She asks him to leave.

All of the tracks Jamal recorded are gone.

Lucifer wants everyone fired who disrespected him in emails.

Thanks to Andre having the building searched they figured out it's Tiana's boyfriend Graham whose been hacking them. Andre and Lucifer go to confront him. When he denies it, Andre says he found everything on his computer.

Lucifer says he's not calling the cops; that's what white folks do. Shine brings some thugs to work over the punk.

Lucifer celebrates the Empire being back. Andre is named president of Empire Extreme.

Becky discovers Xavier screwed her over, again, when the idiot doesn't even know how to do the job. Cookie may be good with music, but she sucks at picking someone with some talent for knowing music. Thirsty offers to help Becky pay the rodent back.

Jamal calls Derek aka D-Bag saying he's going to take some of his pills like he kept suggesting.

Nessa and the pathetic punk perform on stage. Jamal has more talent in his pinkie then this punk has in his whole body. But Punk has a fit when he sees Nessa singing to Andre.

Jamal playing the piano when Dirt Bag enters. Jamal has a real talent for attracting some real lowlifes. Jamal is high, but Dirt Bag should be happy. That's what he kept suggesting Jamal do. Jamal says he's going to reveal all his family’s secrets in his music. Then he and Dirt Bag start getting romantic.

Ty-Freak finds an email addressed to Andre after Frank Gathers murder in jail.

Dirt Bag sees Jamal is out cold. He can't wake him up. Wanna bet he'll leave him there to die so he won't get outted for being gay. He calls Jamal’s therapist, Phillips, saying Jamal has overdosed. Well, he didn't leave Jamal, after all. Dirt Bag actually cares for Jamal.

Phillip arrives to help Jamal. He picks Jamal up and carries him into the shower to wake him up.

The press harassing Angelo over Cookie. Angelo tells the truth of what happened between him and Cookie. Angelo strips naked in front of the press in solidarity. Cookie shocks herself when she says she loves him.

Andre takes Nessa to a run down place he calls Chateau Andre and says he's going to show her how much he trusts her. It was actually Andre and Vaughn behind the hacking of Empire. He lets Nessa hear what he did. Hey, Lucifer, you've got a destroyer of souls, but it's not the son you think. Andre says he wants him and Nessa to become a team so they can rule the Empire.

Anyone think Andre is doing this because Lucifer helped protect the woman who killed his wife and no one in the family even cared? I think Hakeem is Lucifer's favorite because he raps like him, but the punk is just not bright and not that talented. I still hope Andre plans to get some kind of revenge on Baby Killer for murdering Rhonda and his child. Not only has she gotten away with it, now she's got a big shiny new job at Empire.


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