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Empire -- The Dinner Party

Updated on January 21, 2015

Lucious wants to know if Hakeem and Talia hooked up. Anika says yes, which greatly pleases him.

During a video shoot, Veronica accuses Talia of pushing her out of the way. Mel, Veronica's manager, says Veronica should be in front, not Talia. Mel threatens Luscious and Luscious takes him to his trailer where he beats up Mel.

Cookie comes and asks about Bunky's funeral, but he blows her off.

Andre tells Luscious that Kid FoFo signed with someone else. Luscious is pissed it looks like FoFo dumped him instead of the other way around.

A detective comes to see Luscious. He says they may have a witness that saw Bunky killed. Oh-oh! Luscious wants Andre to find out who the witness is.

Andre tells Cookie that she should talk to the Jorgensons. She tries but Lucious' skank, Anika, takes them away from her. When Jamal finds out she wants to hire him a song writer, he balks, as he wants to write his own stuff. He also says he wants her to stop pitting him against Hakeem.

Anika tells Luscious she hired a private detective, Gus, to follow Cookie. Gus says Cookie was talking to feds. Anika is trying to make Luscious think Cookie is going to dog him out.

Cookie sees Bunky in his casket. Luscious comes in. He accuses her of not being loyal. He accuses her of snitching on him to get out of jail. He says he loves her, but he vows to destroy her if she threatens him or his empire. Cookie asks her sister, Carol, if she told Luscious the deal she made to get out of jail. Carol mentions a good song writer named Puma that disappeared and Cookie asks Carol to find him.

Luscious gives Bunky's eulogy. He actually has the balls to say he feels responsible for his friend's death. He even sheds more than a few tears. What a piece of work.

Andre goes to see Deputy Mayor Debbie. He starts sexing her up from behind and asks her about the witness the police have to Bunky's murder.

Luscious gets worried that his leg gets cramped up and thinks it's an early sign of his condition showing.

Luscious tells his piece Anika he wants to throw a get together at the house to celebrate Hakeem and Talia.

Detective asks Old Salty about Bunky's murder. Old Salty is the witness but he's too addle-brained to be of any help.

Andre admits how he got Debbie to help him to his wife and gives her some of the same backdoor action he gave her. It seems she has no problem with his sticking his wick in another woman if it helps him get control of the empire

Hakeem's attentions strays from new squeeze Talia to a new woman. Emphasis on woman. She looks too old even for Andre.

Cookie goes to Agent Carter about Luscious knowing. Carter tells her Anika was the one who tipped off Luscious and she needs to handle it. Carter pretends to be Cookie's parole officer on Cookie's back for drinking. Carter also says she'll find Puma for her.

Luscious buys the scam and apologizes to Cookie. He invites Cookie to Anika's little dinner party to welcome Talia to the family. Good luck, since Hakeem has already got his eye on someone new.

Carter tells Cookie where Puma is. He goes by Dwayne now. It seems Puma had a thing for Cookie back in the day. Puma knows Cookie went down for Luscious. Puma says he'll send her a song.

She takes the song to Jamal. As Jamal plays the song, she recalls Luscious playing the same song. Cookie tells Jamal to play it for Luscious and says she's bringing Jamal's boyfriend, Michael, to the dinner.

Old Salty keeps talking to the detective about a Lyon. The man shows Old Salty a picture of Luscious. Seems he's not buying into Lucious' grieving friend act.

Andre tells Luscious the witness didn't pan out. Luscious offers to put out a reward for any info on Bunky's murder. Probably so if there are any witnesses he can make sure to silence them. Cookie takes Anika's seat at dinner. Then Cookie makes everyone say grace. Her prayer involves calling Anika a ho who had her spied on and for God to forgive her.

Luscious has flashbacks of Cookie as Jamal performs Puma's song after dinner. Luscious says he never liked the song until Jamal played it and he wants to give it to Hakeem. Jamal digs Luscious cause he couldn't make the song work and he could, and says his songs will prove he's Luscious on steroids, before leaving in disgust. When Luscious makes a dig at Jamal, Cookie says he's going straight to hell.

Andre says Hakeem is a made man and Lucious' boy, and it doesn't matter if he's not as talented as Jamal. Then he claims he's only kidding.

Cookie tells Anika to watch her back. Then she sees Luscious having a hard time opening a bottle of pills. Cookie says Luscious is afraid of Jamal, cause he sees Jamal is a true artist. She says he acts like something is chasing him and that he can't hide from her.

Hakeem starts having a sex session with his new chick. Apparently, he's been seeing this woman for over a year on the sly. He creepily says during sex that she's his Mama. Is that what he wants from his real mother? Time for Cookie to take another broom to him.

Luscious comes to see Jamal. Jamal says the more he played the song, the more he wants to win. Luscious tells Jamal it's time he toughened up. Jamal recalls that Luscious has beaten Jamal since he was a kid claiming it was to toughen him up, but Jamal says he beat him because he hates him. Jamal says he can take everything he's given him and shove it, because his obedience is no longer for sale. Jamal tells Luscious he's moving out of his apartment and wants nothing more from him, but Luscious is sure he'll be back by morning. He can't fathom one of his kids blowing him off and making it on their own.

Jamal tells Michael that he's going to take Lucious' empire away from. Let's hope he sticks to his gun and doesn't back down.


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