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Empire -- The Lyons Return to Empire

Updated on March 23, 2019

And face new challenges...

Last time, Andre and Lucious were too much for Kai to handle and he and Jamal broke up. Kingsley deleted all of Lucious music. Cookie is having a hard time dealing with the truth…

Jamal at the piano singing. He’s having a flashback of Kai proposing. Then him and Kai kissing.

Cookie and Lucious not having it any better. They’re in bed but it’s a cold bed. She says every day with him she’s blindsided. He said he thought they had each others back and she says they have to start doing things differently. She says his evil get looks just like him. He says they do what they have to do and asks what she wants them to be. She says that they know they need to make this right. She gets a text and goes to see Jamal. She says Kai will be back, but Jamal says he won’t. Jamal agrees with Cookie and says they have to be better.

Andre appears to be fine. Terry gives him a present for his first day back to work. So that wasn’t the scene of Andre being rushed into the ER with Cookie and Lucious following. No explanation for his nosebleed and passing out. Dr. Miller calls with the test results. Andre tells Terry the nosebleed and passing out was nothing. Andre says they have to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Lucious and Cookie address a focus group as a united front, but in private Cookie makes it clear she was only putting on a front because Empire is half her company and they need it to succeed.

Lucious takes a bat to some equipment to make a point that the Lyons are back. Gisele wants to make sure Becky has her back and she says as long Gisele has her back. Some of the artists the Lyons discovered when they were out of Empire are not happy with the Lyons return to Empire.

Lucious asks Thirsty to contact Damon Cross. Lucious says he owes him and he’s going to collect.

Tiana comes to see Jamal. Jamal says he may have a song for her and she’s all in.

Damon comes up to Lucious table while Cookie is there and Damon pretends he’s never met Cookie when she tries to get him to remember meeting her. Cookie volunteers to take a trip with him. To quote Scooby-Doo, “Ruh-roh!”

Andre tries to get Samson Jones to let Devon record some songs with Empire but he won’t let him.

Another singer approaches Jamal to try and undercut Tiana. She digs Tiana about her baby taking up her time. I don’t even remember what her name is. She and the other chick that tried to suck up to Cookie seem to be pot-stirrers. She also whispers poison into Porsha’s ears, as well. The corporate pot-stirrer not the singing bimbo.

Andre comes back to see Samson. He grabs a sword and starts vandalizing his precious Samurai artifact. He makes him sign Devon’s contract over to him. He goes real crazy for a minute. There’s something very wrong with him. Maybe a brain tumor?

Away on their trip, Damon admits he remembers Cookie. He’s a bit of an MCP with him saying Lucious wouldn’t have let her come with him on this trip if he’d admitted to knowing her. Maybe someone should sit him down to watch the movie “Waiting to Exhale” in particular the part where the woman sets the guys car on fire so he can figure out that’s the type of woman Cookie is and she doesn’t do what her man tells her to do. The singer, whoever she is, tries to steal Tiana’s thunder on the red carpet and almost gets into a cat fight with her. If I were Tiana I would have just given the neckline of her dress a good tug, since her boobs were practically falling out of the dress, so it wouldn’t take much to expose them to all the cameras and see the little gutter rat slither off fast. She wants publicity, she’ll get it then.

Lucious having a hard time keeping his mother in the facility he’s had her in because of money, but you don’t want to let that malevolent monster on the loose. She taunts Lucious that Cookie will leave him when she realizes he’ll never change. He says if he’s a monster, she’s the one that made him one, but she says that evil has always been inside him and is going nowhere. Hey, Old Lady, you’d better hope you’re wrong cause he could take one from your book and pay someone to snuff your candle out if he’s so evil like you claim he is. It would save him a lot of money, too.

Apparently the Bimbo on the red carpet is named Treasure. I’m guessing she gave herself that name. Well you know how the old saying goes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Gisele and Becky call the trash bag and Tiana in for a meeting. Jamal says Trashbag and Tiana will be recording the song together. Can Trashbag even hold a tune? All I’ve seen her do is backstab Tiana and expose her boobs.

Andre welcomes Devon to Empire.

Damon tries to take over the negotiations, but Cookie takes control back to get the money Eddie stole from the company. I don’t care for Cross. He’s too arrogant. He’s so arrogant he’s insufferable and overbearing with it. Afterwards, Cross gets Cookie to dance with him to celebrate their victory. He asks if Cookie wants to be married to Lucious and she starts to walk away. He says he won’t chase her and knows she’ll come back to him on her own. See what I mean about overbearing and insufferable. He’s one of those men who thinks he’s some chick magnet but they only come when he calls cause he’s rich and buys them pretty presents. Got to hand it to Empire, they’ve got three characters that are far more irritating and arrogant and annoying than Kingsley is; Trashbag, Corporate Barbie and this guy.

Andre in bed with Terry. He says for the first time in a long time he feels good. On cue his phone rings and it’s Dr. Miller. The doctor wants to see Andre in the morning. He said some missing lab results of Andre’s just came in that were missing. Let me guess. He’s not fine, after all.

Thirsty pulled in a car by the FBI. She questions him about Damon Cross. She says either he tells her what she wants to know about Cross or she’ll question him about Lucious. She asks Lucious or Damon; whose freedom will she choose for his own. In the promo that question sounded like it was being asked of Cookie.

Cookie finds a rose on her bed and then there’s a knock at the door. It’s Lucious. He shows her a crack house he bought that he’s going to turn into a rehab center. He says he’s sorry for the way he acted when she wanted them to change. He says he thinks changing will help them to rebuild their relationship. She lays down on the bed and it looks like he goes down on her.


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