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Empire -- The Rap-Off

Updated on November 25, 2015

The wrong person is declared the winner...

Becky tells Lucious what he's about to do is going too far. He says he wants to send a message to Hakeem and introduces Frieda. Becky says Hakeem is going to freak out when he sees it.

Laura tells Hakeem she's a virgin as it looks like he's about to take her on the pool table. His phone beeps before he can take her V card. It's a call from Frieda. She raps he's daddy's little girl. Well, it's actually true when you think about it.

Pepsi wants Jamal to try out to be the face of Pepsi. He has a week to make his song. Lucious says he'll go into the studio, personally, to help Jamal work on his song.

Mimi and Lucious at odds. Jago raised his price. Andre gets on Lucious' bad side by saying all he cares about is winning.

It's actually Cookie that's helping Jamal with his song. Cookie wants Jamal to tell Lucious they're working together.

Hakeem issues Frieda a challenge to a rap-off. Meanwhile Annika is taking a home pregnancy test. Has the littlest Lyon knocked up Daddy's ex-girlfriend? Did no one ever teach this boy to wear a rubber?

Delgado tells Cookie everyone is talking about Hakeem and Frieda's rap battle. Cookie says Frieda is an animal and this is what she does. Hakeem gives Delgado a bunch of attitude. Cookie slaps Delgado when he shoves Hakeem. Cookie says if Hakeem loses their chances of making the company a success are going to be gone. Great way of supporting your son, Cookie.

Lucious comes to Jamal's when Cookie's there and he makes her hide. He has Cookie hide and lies about why Cookie's jacket is there. Then he leaves with Lucious to work on a song Lucious wants him to use.

Annika runs into Rhonda and the wheels start turning when Rhonda says Lucious is being nice to her for the first time in years because she's going to have Andre's baby. Somehow I don't think the same thing will apply to her, considering he was going to marry her and she cheated on him with his son.

Hakeem realizes Cookie is working with Jamal. He asks why Cookie loves Jamal more than him. Hakeem threatens to tell Lucious if she keeps working with Jamal instead of helping him.

Thirsty says he's found plenty of dirt of Jago. Andre wants to back-out of the deal but Lucious intends to take down everyone to win.

Annika comes to see Hakeem. She says he can't let Lucious rule his life. She starts coming on to him. He pushes her away and says he thinks he's in love with Laura. She changes her mind about telling Hakeem she's pregnant.

Jamal says he doesn't know which way he wants to go with the song. He plays for Lucious the song he and Cookie were working on together. Lucious likes it.

Cookie shows up as Jamal is about to record his song. Jamal invited Lucious, as well. He wants them to work together and combine both their songs. Lucious and Cookie start fighting. Jamal says he's done. Cookie makes a bet with Lucious. If Hakeem wins the rap-off, Cookie gets to release Jamal's album through her company and if Frieda wins Lucious gets to release Hakeem's album through his company.

Cookie puts Hakeem through his paces. Frieda is doing the same thing.

Hakeem advises Jamal to forget Cookie and Lucious and take what he needs from both of them, and Jamal advises Hakeem how to take down Frieda. Seriously, what did this girl do to him? Aside from the fact Daddy likes her style of music better than his.

The meeting between Jago and Lucious isn't going well because Mimi is late. Lucious makes everyone guess whether he'll sign the contract or not. He signs it, even though he personally dislikes Jago.

Lucious and Cookie both come up to see Jamal's audition, neither knowing the other was there. Jamal uses both their songs together. Jamal tells them he's going to do an album with part Lucious and part Cookie and he wants them to work together on it. The icing on the cake is Pepsi chooses him. Cookie almost tells Jamal about the bet she and Lucious made.

It's the night of the rap battle. Frieda is introduced and Hakeem makes his grand entrance. Hakeem starts getting in Frieda's face. He digs her about everyone deserting her. I actually liked Frieda's rap better. Hakeem is taking Jamal's advice and playing to the audience. Hakeem breaks out the name Lyon lit up in neon lights and announces he's going by Hakeem now. Guess he thinks he's in the league of Cher and Madonna and the other one-named wonders of the world.

Lucious has a flashback of laying beneath a lion statue. The audience decides that Hakeem is the winner. I still think Frieda should have won. She was better, but she didn't play to the audience and concentrated on her opponent. Sorry, Hakeem, being a showboat doesn't make you a good rapper. Frieda is better than you and your drippity drip drop drip.

Lucious brings up the bet Cookie made.

Candace, Cookie's sister, shows up. She says Carol is on a bender. Carol dumped her kids on Candace and said this was all Cookie and Jamel's fault. Cookie says they have to go to Philadelphia.

I couldn't tell who was the female chauffeur that was driving Laura. Is it Annika in a blonde wig? If it is, this chick has seriously gone local. I actually feel bad for her this season. She's come down so far. She used to have some self-respect. First she screws a woman for Cookie now she's after some little teenager with an ego the size of Mount Rushmore. What happened to her?


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