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Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar Review

Updated on February 26, 2014
My Epiphone DR-100
My Epiphone DR-100 | Source

The Epiphone DR100 is a cheap acoustic guitar and one of Epiphones' most popular products. It is aimed at those who are starting to play guitar.


  • Body Shape: Dreadnought
  • Body and Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Scale Length: 25.5 inches


This guitar is available for less than £90 from various music stores in the UK. It is available in 3 colours; Natural wood, Ebony and Vintage Sunburst. My guitar is in ebony. In the box with the guitar comes a neck adjusting tool, a users manual, a epiphone sticker and a epiphone poster. The last two are nice little additions, they don't cost epiphone much to include however just make receiving the guitar a nicer experience.

Build Quality

Build quality can be an issue on cheap guitars. When I first took it out of the box I was a little disappointed as there were some rough edges, mainly on the fretboard as the frets weren't smooth and the rosewood seemed to be of not very good quality. However as I have played the guitar these issues seemed to have quickly gone away. The rest of the guitar seems very nicely built with the paint being well finished and around the edge of my guitar is a painted on fake binding, whilst this is fake it still looks very nice. Also all of the hardware (Bridge,nut,ect) seem to be solidly fitted and don't seem to have any obvious problems.

Overall I would say the build quality is very good for the price range, it had a few small issues however these weren't anything crucial. 7.5/10

Playability and sound

The guitar is very large (as dreadnought style guitars are) this can be a shock when you first start playing, however it is easy to quickly adapt. The guitars tuners work very smoothly and most importantly stay in tune once you start playing. The guitar resonates very well giving a nice crisp large sounds, and as you play various chords the guitar seems to project all frequency's well and evenly. The action (Height of the strings) was a touch high however nothing too dramatic and still easily playable. One major gripe I do have with the guitar is some fret buzz on certain positions, on my guitar this is the high E string (thinest string) when you play far down the fret board, upon googling this I found this to be a common issue with this model of guitar and an issue that can only be fixed by an expensive trip to a luthier.

In all the guitar plays well for its price, however if you compare it to more expensive guitars (£200+) there is a noticeable difference. 5.5/10


If you are looking at buying a first guitar then this guitar is definitely one to consider alongside models such as the Fender cd60. You won't find a decent guitar for any cheaper than this. However if you spend £50 more and buy a guitar such as the Yamaha F370 you will find that a considerably better guitar. So if you are really on a budget then buy this, otherwise go into a guitar shop and have a play around.

Here is the Guitar being Demo'd

Do you own this guitar?, if so what do you think about it?

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