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Episode 8-08 of The Walking Dead Promises to Shock Fans

Updated on December 9, 2017
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Bonnie Taylor is the author of the Not Forgotten novels, a paranormal fiction series available on Amazon.


All Out War

The first half of season 8 has had no shortage of action, as would be suggested by the season title; All Out War. The season has loosely followed the comic book story line but with some major differences. Of the most blaring, is the premature killing of characters including Denise and Eric. Their losses are felt far later in the war, but in the show, Denise was dead before the war began and Eric died two episodes ago. Because the show runners have made these deviations, it makes it very difficult to use the comics to predict the next major character kills on the show.

That said, it seems obvious that someone has to die in 8-08. After all, a major character death has become a trend for the show with Hershel, the Governor, Beth, Deanna, and Spencer all meeting their ends in a mid-season finale.

If we are to assume that the shocker will be a death. Who will it be?

What's more concerning to super fans, is the fact that the shows many spoiler sites aren't spoiling this one. Several of the big ones, like the notorious Spoiling Dead have gone so far as to say that even they are shocked by this one and remaining closed lipped about what they may or may not know.


While not likely, Carol could be the character who dies in "How It's Gotta Be". She is the only true fighter left in the Kingdom. Ezekiel is down trodden and reclusive after losing his knights to what he believes was his own arrogance. Jerry is hell bent on protecting and serving his king, and Morgan saw red and ran off to become a sniper. If Negan were to get out of the Sanctuary and attack the Kingdom, Carol would be their only defense. The Grey Queen has been alone and outnumbered and left victorious many times in the past but it is mildly possible given her story arch, that this fight could be her last stand.


Rosita was set on revenge after Lucille and Negan took Abraham and Glen. Then, after witnessing the results of Sasha's blood lust, she showed a change of heart in the last two episodes of the season. As with other characters, when a lesson is learned, death is inevitable. Rosita may be ambushed on her way back to Alexandria or, as we've seen in the trailer, she could make it home just in time for Negan to come calling and meet her end defending the gates.

I find this an unlikely death as it lacks the shock factor that we've been discussing. Though Rosita is a strong female character, I don't believe that she is a character that fans couldn't live without.


Tara too is on a war path determined to take Negan's head. It is very likely that she will put herself in harms way to get it. Her character has gained major screen time in season 8 as she has been propelled from the position of supporting character to major character. What may keep her off the chopping block? Her connection to Oceanside. It's been confirmed that the community will reappear at some point in the series and it may take Tara to bring them in to the fold.


So, here's the big one, Carl. While spoiler sites are tight lipped now, their lips were wide open at the start of Season 8. Back in October, several were predicting that Carl would die in the mid-season finale. This kid has escaped death on so many occasions, he's almost immortal but as we know, no one is safe in the Walking Dead Universe.

Why Carl? First, it would definitely be shocking and shake things up for the second half of the season. Second, Chandler Riggs just turned eighteen and may be ready to move on with his life. Third, we see Carl in the woods, potentially in danger as Negan arrives in Alexandria in the trailer.

So what about the old man Rick flashes? Perhaps, like the Sunday dinner scene, they were Rick's images of what might have been rather than what will truly be.


As with every mid-season finale, we will likely be left hanging for the February return. It's possible that we will lose a secondary character in this episode and be left wondering about the fate of a major player who is left in some sort of jeopardy at the closing credits. Either way, I'm excited to see if "How it's Gotta Be." will live up to all the mystery and hype.


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