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Eric St. John

Updated on November 14, 2013

Who is Eric St. John

Who indeed is Eric St. John? He is the new no nonsense rising action star of the movie industry. Eric's natural acting talent has been honed at the prestigous American Academy of Dramatics Arts in New York.

Eric's skills don't stop at superb acting, he is also a writer, director and producer all rolled into one. He has also worked for big ticket clients like Nike, Men's Fitness, IndyMac/OneWest Bank,Corbis, Roar Clothing and Chrysler.

He is also one of the few action stars that literally are martial arts experts. Do you know that Eric St. John won the gold medal in the Jr. Olympics? Eric is that good. He also has excellent training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Kali, and Muay Thai. He is also highly skilled in Filipino and Japanese based weapons like the katana(samurai) and the balisong (butterfly knife)

The next time you see Eric in action you are witnessing actual moves not just any choreographed moves.

Perfect Form, Perfect Kick

Eric won the Gold Medal in the Junior Olympics
Eric won the Gold Medal in the Junior Olympics
Eric St. John with Danny Trejo in "Bullet"
Eric St. John with Danny Trejo in "Bullet"

Eric St. John in "BULLET"

“Being able to be part of a Nick Lyon-Danny Trejo film is incredibly exciting. This movie is everything an audience can want from a great movie: tough cops, ruthless villains and lots of action. This is an awesome movie and I can’t wait for everyone to get a chance to see it. ” – Eric St. John, Actor

Eric is Este, an intrepid cop, in the up coming action movie "Bullet". This action packed movie about a tough cop who goes against a drug cartel when they kidnapped his grandson. It is directed by Nick Lyon, starring Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat, From Dusk Till Dawn) Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, 48 Hrs., Beverly Hills Cop) and John Savage (The Deer Hunter, Salvador, Hair).

See first hand the superb acting skills of Eric St. John.

The world premiere of "Bullet" will be screening at AFM on Nov 6th 3pm, Broadway Cineplex 2 & Nov 10th 1pm, Broadway Cineplex 1 in Santa Monica, CA.

Eric St. John in "The Boarder"

This provocative movie is all about Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) a disorder that has affected the lives of so many around the world. "The Boarder" is inspired by the true-life events of a family coping with RAD. The film was directed by Jolene Adams and writer Jane Ryan. The film had a red carpet premiere during the Bel-Air film festival on October 12.

Eric St. John plays the role of Officer Sullivan in "The Boarder". This film show the impressive and convincing power of Eric's brand of acting. His performances are consistently solid as reflected by his natural talent and excellent training. No wonder "The Boarder" is celebrating the well earned success of the film. "The Boarder" already has a number of awards under its belt including Best Narrative Feature, Best Director and The Award of Excellence.

“I love what I do and have been very fortunate to work with great talent and most recently to work on The Boarder, along with great actors including Dee Wallace. This film, The Boarder, means a lot to me. It talks about an important subject that many people don’t know about.” - Eric St. John

A Glimpse of Eric St. John

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Eric has it all from FILM, Television and Theater

"Bullet" (Dir. Nick Lyon)
"General Hospital" (NBC)
"Little Moon of Alban" as Lt. Boyd (Off-Broadway NY)
Afterlife (The MDR Group)
"Passions" (ABC)
"Burn This" as Pale (Off-Broadway NY)
For Hire (The MDR Group)
"It's a Miracle" (PAX)
"The Crucible" as John Proctor (Off-Broadway NY)
"Being American" (Dir. Fatmir Doga)
"Filumena" as Carlo (Williamstown Theater)
"The Concerto" (Dir. Pece Dingo)
"What I did last Summer" as Ted (Mentor Works Theater)
"The Shifting" (Dir. Julio Saldarriaga)
"Brecht's Edward II" as James (Actors Gang Theater)
"Los Angeles" (Dir. Gerardo Villareal Flores)
"Dark Days" (Chris Cole)
"Acting on Intuition" (Dir. Robin Bianchi)
"True Beauty" (Dir. Peter Besson)
"Crime Scene X" (Dir. Robert Diaz Leroy)

See Eric in Action

The many faces of Eric

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Eric St. John as a super hero

Which group of Super Heroes can Eric St. John be in?

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