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Ethical and Unethical Practices in Journalism: A Case of BBC Vs

Updated on January 25, 2020
Nyamweya profile image

Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics.

Businesses in the same line of competition, and industry can be differentiated, though the extent of ethical conformity on individual perspectives. Some businesses are known to follow ethical practices, while others do not conform with these practices, hence the difference. Take an example of the BBC news corporation. This is a well known international broadcasting corporation that has a long history. Some of the major ethical practices in the business include;

One, it is known for its safe working environment and the overall protection of the workers’ rights, across its business chain. It can be observed that the BBC is one business that is very clear on following the set out guidelines and rules, by the International Labor organization (ILO).

Two, The BBC is known to undertake purchase of goods and services (products), internationally, in accordance with the Set codes of ethical policies, in its field. It also has a high expectation that the suppliers it depends on, observes entirely, the codes provisions and set of rules, in order to improve the ethical and international environment practices.

The BBC is known to be a great promoter of the British culture too. Its inception of the values in the society, and spread of the good practices globally has earned it the word ‘Auntie”.

The BBC is also comprehensive in coverage, in that it has set out content that is beneficial to each and every person in the society. For instance, in the year 2016, it rolled out the digital outlet, in order to reach out to the young adult audience through additional web series and other relevant content.

The BBC also gives a comprehensive report annually, whereby it outlines its plans, and also its obligations in regards to the public service for the coming years. This is ethically crucial as the operations of the corporation can now be assessed from the public perspective and in all times, its conformity is always great.

On the other hand, is a popular news site, but often regarded as a mere gossip informer. Some of the unethical practices it undertakes include;

One, this site relay well researched information, and approved information. Any story, whether verified or not will be often found here. This has had negative impact on some individuals, since the gossip may end up being incorrect, but since the public is aware of it, it damages their reputation.

The site is also more celebrity oriented, thus not appropriate or rather beneficial to all kinds of audience. This sometimes makes the wrong audience get information that is not appropriate for them. Take for example the young adults learning of the numerous divorces, especially by the celebrities. This has lead to increased cases of similar divorces amongst this audience!!

The site has also contributed to the decay of the general culture, in that its content deals more with the insensitive tweets, indecent photos, snippets of videos that do not promote the culture at all. Any type of scandals that happen around is relayed here too.

Such sites are just interested in anything that easily catches the eye, in order to attract audience.


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