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Eva Mendes Sexy Pics and Videos

Updated on September 11, 2012

Her Start in Acting

Eva Mendes was born in Houston, Texas on March 5, 1974. Her parents moved her and her three siblings to Los Angeles when she was still just a little girl. Eva is the youngest of four children; she has two sisters and one brother. Years ago, Eva's father worked as a meat distributor and her mother worked as a bank teller when they moved to Los Angeles. She grew up in the Echo Park neighborhood, longing for more, but not really having much of a picture of how to get it. Ever since she was little she wanted to be rich and that was because her family were not very well off. Mendes's parents did not own the house she grew up in and that has made Eva value things in life more because of her past experiences.

Graduating from Glendale High School, Mendes decided to major in marketing at California State Northridge University. She was studying to be an interior decorator and would be doing that as a profession presently if she was not an actress. Between semesters, Mendes decided to earn some extra money and appeared in a smaller feature film. Little did she know that her life was instantly going to change forever. Her neighbor, a photographer had snapped some photos of Mendes at a garage sale and placed them in his portfolio.

Later on, at an interview for a job, an agent had noticed Mendes's photos and had asked to meet her. After speaking with Mendes, the agent convinced Mendes to quit school and pursue a career in acting.


Sexy in Swimwear

See-through top

Award Ceremony Interview

Provocative pose

Eva the Most Desirable Woman

Sexy Eva


Summed Up

One of the many challenges new actors face is how to establish their own individual niche in unforgiving Hollywood. The industry is cutthroat and if an actor doesn't find a persona that audiences take to, it is hard to make it in the biz. Therefore, to see Eva break through onto the scene without so much as a blip in her career is nothing short of impressive. She has found her "persona" and we love it: she's the sexy Latina who can entice as much with her body as she can with her attitude.

Thanks to this, Mendes now finds herself among Hollywood's hottest, a moniker she will likely retain if we have anything to say about it. To an untrained eye, her accomplishments may come off as identical to other flavor of the month beauties, but the difference is, Mendes has put in time before striking it big. She has learned from the best and recognizes that a pretty face can only get her so far -- talent eventually must take over.

Let's face it, though; at the end of the day, Mendes makes us happy with her looks first and her acting (however improved it may be) second. Kudos to her if this changes, but for now, we'll follow this Cuban-American's career wherever it goes.

Smart and Sexy

Again Smart and Sexy


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