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Even After all these years the Rocky Horror still Rocks

Updated on January 12, 2012

Is It really any wonder?

The first original Cult Classic may be old but it isn't anywhere near dead! New Generations of "Frankie Fans" emerge all the time. The campy musical starring Tim Curry as the mad scientist Dr. Frank 'n' Furter has become one of the top selling movies of all time and is the top grossing live performance theater piece. With many theaters still doing the midnight shows of Rocky Horror it isn't any surprise to any fan that it still lives on.

To go and see one of the shows is a real treat. People dress up in costumes of their favorites, there are actors who act out the movie on stage as it plays on screen, and the show is all interactive such as bringing a squirt gun for the rain scenes and rice for the wedding scenes. People also bring roses to throw when Frank dies in the end, as he is the top favorite character of the movie. I mean with Tim Curry under all the make-up and lingerie singing and moving as he does, is it really hard to see him as favorite?

I was first introduced to the movie when I was 7 by my grandmother, who wouldnt let me see the whole movie, but let me see Tim do the song "Sweet Transvestite" and needless to say, I was hooked. I snuck the movie into my room the very same night and watched it without her knowing...

Frank N Furter and Riff Raft
Frank N Furter and Riff Raft

The main characters are Brad and Janet, an innocent couple who are trying to get to a friend to celebrate their recent engagement, yet they are forced to stop due to a flat tire. The only help available is at a nearby castle...unknown to them the castle is owned by the eccentric Frank 'n' Furter. As they meet their host and see just who he is they are introduced into things they never would have thought of in their wildest dreams and fantasies. Frank seduces them both, almost turns them against one another, nearly kills them both and all in one night!

Frank is not all he seems tho, under all the fancy clothing and make-up he is a genius. He finds the secret to life and creates what he believes to be the perfect man. He believes it will only take him 7 days to "train" the man, named Rocky, to be a real man...and Frank's idea of teaching is to essentially "marry" his creation and teach pleasure...However Frank also shows a sadistic side. This side comes out for the first time when Frank gets angry at Eddie, who he had locked in a freezer, and murders him with an ice pick and then calls it a "mercy Killing" as Eddie wasn't as appealing as Rocky. The fans however note Frank's easy temper...almost anything sets him into a rage, usually causing him to hurt people and beat them, as he did with Rift-Raft on several occasions.

The end of the movie shows Frank for who he is tho, just a man wanting to be noticed for being more then he is...He wants to be famous and loved, to be known as Frank and not just another face like everyone else. He feels shut out because he is so different...His song "Im Going Home" showed this side of him...only to be mocked by Rift-Raft and Magenta...(its no wonder Frank feels the way he did) They decided he is to dangerous and unpredictable to leave alive and kill him...many fans believe he should have just been left on earth and Rocky should have been destroyed to teach Frank a lesson about playing God...

They refer to Frank's mission many times throughout the movie, tho what his actual mission was no one is sure, as Frank made creating Rocky a top priority.

Due to Tim Curry's performance the Rocky Horror will be one of the top Cult Classics of all time and though Tim has openly said he wasn't to pleased with preforming as Frank, it isn't an experience he would want to pass up.

The fans will forever keep Frank alive as long as there is Rock, there will be the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


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    • Deborah-Diane profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Isn't it amazing how long the Rocky Horror show has been popular??


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