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Everything About Hip Hop Music

Updated on September 28, 2010

Everything About Hip Hop Music

Everything about hip hop music is vibrant and free-form. Artists trying to gain a bigger audience will battle each other on stage, the winner being the one who gains the loudest response from the audience around them. Hip hop is all about improvisation, lyrics created in the blink of an eye as fast as an opposing rapper can throw his own. Reactions from the crowd are known to be quick and relentless with people having no hesitations in letting their approval be heard. There is a certain rush in hip hop battles that sets it apart.

The charisma of hip hop emanates out of the artists out to be heard and their desire to send their message. The fact hip hop originated from the deprived streets of the city makes it somewhat ironic that the efforts of the first hip hop artists to earn through other means led the music to mainstream center stage. The rampant profanity of the early artist made the buzz about hip hop music a guilty pleasure for an audience craving something new, and made it grow that much more.

Artists in the past like The Notorious BIG, P. Diddy, Ice T, Ice Cube, and Eminem showed not only talent and creativity but also their lives' drama which appealed to people like an addiction. Actual violence between warring turfs and against law enforcers brought them to new heights never reached by other artists before. An entire sub-culture of fans was created as the notoriety of the music pushed the sales up.

Female artists were starting to enter the scene and stood their own amidst the more prevalent males of the genre. Artists such as Queen Latifa, Mary J. Blige, and Little Kim presented a different feel of spunk and grace to what used to be vicious and demeaning nature of men's hip hop. Other artists burned bright and faded, the lure of quick cash causing them to make unfortunate choices that ended their careers or lives.

Music downloads and other changes in the industry were repressing the hip hop frenzy. Record companies from the period were being shutdown from everywhere. Artists turned into former artists, as they seek opportunities elsewhere, acting, producing movies, tv appearances and shows, launching clothing lines and other endeavors far from the music.

With its shimmer fading, it was starting to look like no place is reserved for hip hop in the coming generations. Instead, it caused a softer side to the once violent genre to form. New artists like TI, Ludicris, Neo and others are now singing to the women rather than degrading them, and are leading the way back to the communities they came from. They are giving back to their roots in a way that hasn't been seen in music genres in a very long time.


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