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Excerpt of "The Naked Brothers Band: Hotmix," an Interview with the Cast and Crew from the Hit Nickelodeon Series

Updated on October 1, 2023

An interview from the cast and crew from the sensational Nickelodeon TV series.

"The Naked Brothers Band: Hotmix" was an old video once available on TurboNick made after filming the first season in mid-2006 which interviewed the cast and crew. The interview took place at the filming studio Kidzhouse Entertainment, the stage 1 division of Broadway Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.

It depicts the uniqueness of the family-made TV show—including the stars'; the show's creator and showrunner, who is also the stars' real life mother; the co-stars who are the stars' real life friends, genuine father, and cousin; the series' distributing executive producer who was the former president of film & TV entertainment for Nickelodeon from 1997-2003; and the band members featured on the hit Nickelodeon show.

Narrator: "The Naked Brothers Band, a brand-new Nick series with original songs written and performed by Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff."

Nat Wolff (star/principle singer-songwriter/pianist): "The Naked Brothers Band is like a fake documentary about a kids rock band. But we're kids so we deal with kid problems."

Albie Hecht (executive producer (series developer & distributor) ): "...who is constantly filming this world famous band. Everywhere they go, the recording studio, the street—everywhere they go there are cameras."

Alex Wolff (star/singer-songwriter/drummer): "And it's outrageous. And we do all these outrageous things."

A clip is played of the band performing Nat's song "I'm Out" from the first episode "VMA's", written and directed by Polly Draper.

Polly Draper (creator/executive producer (showrunner & head writer)/director): "Hi, I'm Polly Draper. And I'm the writer and producer and the director—and the mother to The Naked Brothers Band. When Nat and Alex was really little, they got out of the bathtub and said, 'We're the Naked Brothers Band!' "

A clip is played of Nat asking Alex a question:

Nat Wolff: "Alex, why did we call ourselves 'the naked brothers band' again?'

Alex Wolff: "Because we were young and we were naked."

Albie Hecht: "Nat and Alex Wolff are really brothers. Polly Draper's the creator and their mother. Michael Wolff, he's really their father."

Michael Wolff (co-star/co-executive producer/music producer & supervisor): "My kids grew up with me being a musician and my wife, Polly Draper, as an actress and a writer."

Nat Wolff: "At age 5, I started getting good and I wrote my first song."

Polly Draper: "Nat would just keep writing all these songs and I thought that this should be a [movie] about the band."

A clip is played of Alex in front of their tour bus from the fifth episode "Alex's Clothing Line", written by Polly Draper and directed by Melanie Mayron (who acted alongside Draper in the hit ABC television drama thirtysomething):

Alex Wolff: "See 'the naked brothers band', the naked brothers band." Alex runs back into the tour bus as screaming young fans start running towards the side of the bus.

Narrator: "It all started with The Naked Brothers Band Movie, the winner of the audience award at the 2005 Hamptons International Film Festival. Now, this world-famous band is rocking Nickelodeon each week."

Thomas Batuello (co-star/cellist): "Hi I'm Thomas, this is David [Levi, the keyboardist] and this is Qaasim and we're The Naked Brothers Band."

Cooper Pillot (co-star/band manager): "It's so much fun because when we're not shooting, we're playing basketball upstairs. And we're all really good friends so that's fun."

Polly Draper: "I wrote a lot of the whole show around Nat's songs."

Qaasim Middleton (co-star/guitarist): "Nat writes the most beautiful songs. I mean I have to give it to him. He's dope."

Allie DiMeco (co-star "Rosalina"/bassist): "Me and Nat's relationship is on-screen where we kind of have this flirty relationship and we don't know whether we really like each other or not but everyone knows we do."

Jesse Draper (co-star/band's tutor & babysitter): "And Jesse's favorite character of the band is definitely Alex."

Michael Wolff: "Alex always had this really cool way of dressing so we have the episode 'Alex's Clothing Line'."

Another clip is shown from the episode "Alex's Clothing Line":

Alex Wolff: "See Ken's even wearing my clothes. Ken turn the camera on you."

Albie Hecht: "This has always been a great market for a hit TV show in this decade."

Polly Draper: "It's about a family and it's being made by a real-life family and it's about kids who really are musical and love music."

Narrator: "The Naked Brothers Band. [The show's tagline:] Real brothers, real music, not really naked. The Naked Brothers Band. Only on Nickelodeon."


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