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Expressions I Hope Disappear in 2013!

Updated on January 8, 2013
Photo by David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigital
Photo by David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigital

Every generation has it's slang and we all use it to some degree. Then it becomes over-used and irritating, at least for me! I'm sure some of you agree and hope 2013 brings some new expressions and that others are dropped into the "never to be heard again" pile. Here are just some of the expressions I hope disappear in 2013. Let me know what you would add to the list.


Ohhhhhhh, if I hear about one more "baby bump" on some celebrity I'm truly going to scream! To be honest, at first I thought this was a kind of cute, but it has lost any cuteness it ever had for me. Another thing is when they claim the first sighting of their baby bump. Just last week I saw the cover of one of the popular entertainment magazines showing pictures of Jennifer Anniston's baby bump...she was wearing a coat and you couldn't even see her stomach! But they proclaimed it was there. How ridiculous. Let's just be adults and let the pregnancy start to show without these premature sightings. And refrain from calling it a baby bump!


The original meaning of the word awesome meant "something which inspires awe." And awe means astonishment, wonder, reverence. As a writer I find it a very powerful word, used in that respect. However, now that it has become a slang word, it has lost it's wonderful meaning. You can't even use it properly anymore. What a shame. I'm sorry, but I don't find that grilled cheese sandwich you made me "awesome." I really miss the true meaning of this word!


I can see a guy calling another guy dude, but when you now see girls calling each other dudes, I don't get it. The same goes for bitch. While it's not nice to call anyone a bitch, it should at least be reserved for a female. What possessed guys to start calling each other this word? Have we completely switched the gender roles in this country? I'm totally confused, disgusted and soooo tired of this trend!


I feel this expression is used more as an excuse than anything else. Something happens and, instead of trying to fix the problem or situation, we say, "it is what it is." Therefore, we can just accept it, ignore it, let it go. One of the best things I saw on a t-shirt was "It is what it is..or is it?" I really need to get one of those!


I'm addressing this one to my fellow Internet marketing pals. You are constantly told to "follow your passion." You want to build a website and make money from it...follow your passion. Well, let me tell you, I have done this. Some of my first websites were things I had a passion for. They didn't make any money. Just because you're crazy about something doesn't mean a zillion other people are too...maybe not even a few hundred. The best piece of advice I ever got was "forget your passion, pick something you know a lot about." So, please, let's stop telling people to follow their passion. This is what starving artists are all about!


Along the same lines as "it is what it is." Let's not discuss something...if you don't agree, just say "whatever." Don't pick from a choice of things. When asked what you want for lunch, just say "whatever." You can really get out of a lot of effort to communicate by using this one! I think we are finding more and more ways to NOT communicate these days. If you don't want to have to commit yourself to anything, just say "whatever."


I have been working very hard on being more optimistic and looking for the one good thing in a bad situation. When I hear someone tell me how they broke their leg and now can't work and can't afford the medical bills they are piling up, and then say, "but it's all good", I want to feel admiration for their attitude, but I can't. I used to feel so guilty when I heard this because I was ashamed that I wouldn't be that positive about things. After thinking about it for awhile, I finally decided this is just too much's just not realistic. If you can honestly feel that way, then more power to you, but it's another expression I wish would go away. Sorry, but I'm just tired of hearing how all the bad things going on are "all good." It's just too contradictive for my taste!

Well, this is my list and I'm sure some of you will agree with some or all and some will not agree with any. Whatever, it's all good and that's awesome, dude! Please tell me what you would add to the list or take off my list!

Which expression do you use the most?

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