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FLCL: Furi Kuri

Updated on April 10, 2012
Cast of FLCL
Cast of FLCL | Source

A Coming of Age Tale (Well it Claims to be)

If you are looking for a warm coming of age story of a young boy dealing with the qualms and awkwardness of puberty, then don't even bother watching this show. If you want something calm and quiet portraying the innocence of children, once again, don't bother with this show. However... if you want space pirates, loud rock and roll, an extraterrestrial who likes to bash people with her bass guitar ( a left handed Rickenbacker 4001), robots coming out of a kid's head, oh and of course, a 6th grade boy dealing with puberty, FLCL (Furi Kuri) is perfect for you.

There isn't one specific word to fully describe this anime. For now I would call it, random, spontaneous, eccentric, wild, just something you shouldn't watch expecting a serious dramatic plot. Oh, yes, there is a plot, but it's so deliciously mind-twisting and fast paced that you almost forget that there was one. Essentially it's about a 6th grade boy named Naota who gets hit by a strange woman driving a Vespa, who manages to resuscitate him via CPR, and then promptly whacks him in the head with her guitar. That's Haruko, she's an extra-terrestrial who's searching for the space pirate Atomsk. Oh, and she decides to stay at Naota's house as a maid, and of course, things just get even crazier and crazier...

The name itself, FLCL or Furi Kuri, is used throughout the series as a euphemism or expression for sex , at least that's what I think they mean when they say it. With crazy battles with robots and machinery growing out of Naota's forehead, Haruko's bizarre and flirty behavior to Naota (and his dad), and epic music by The Pillows, FLCL is a roller coaster ride that is sure to delight anyone with an open mind about life and anime. This isn't an anime to be taken seriously, but there is an underlying meaning too: Don't be too serious and repress the child within you, or you won't be able to enjoy some aspects of life. Maybe that was the meaning, or it's just something I managed to figure out, either way , get ready to Furi Kuri.


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  • Bmm209 profile image


    6 years ago from California,U.S.A

    I found this series hilarious. It really does seem to be random, but I know this series is way deeper than that, It'll just take you a while to understand it. I can barely understand most of it, though XD. I heard that the manga is way more intense than the anime.

    Still, i'm still curious as why FLCL is such a hugely popular anime. I think everyone takes their own view on what it means to them.


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