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Falcon Rising

Updated on January 21, 2015

I enjoyed it

Michael Jai White still flys.

As myself, I said before I am not a movie critic nor watching any films do I let myself be persuaded by the masses but I know when I want to film I watch it.

I don't care what anyone says I enjoyed it. Plain and simple.

Still some day, I would love to ask Michael Jai White, so how do you fly?

Well people, you got to understand. If you know this man who is an accomplished martial artist and actor then you would know this brick wall of a man.

Just one scary look from Michael in a film and that look you know you don't mess with a man like that in the film. Well meaning his character.

Even in the beginning as the film starts you see Michael just wanting to peacefully go to a store and just buy some alcohol.

But I think his character John "Falcon" Chapman does suffer from something like PTSD is probably could almost go postal at any minute, in which he does take care of some business in the beginning where he just wanted to buy something from a store and just go about his way.

I don't think with his character at any time you might find yourself broken in two if you aim a gun at John Chapman or you might be turned into a pretzel. So it is best don't point a gun at John.

The story does take place in Brazil where John's sister gets hurts really bad and it is some bad people.

So John ends up going to Brazil, which indeed looked like a beautiful place to film.

I enjoyed very much when I found out that Lateef Crowder was part of the film and got to show off a little bit of his Capoeira skills in the film, but granted I wish I could have seen more Capoeira in the film, it was nice to see Lateef acting in the film.

I don't want to say too much about the characters because then that will give the plot away but Lateef was a cop in the film.

The plot does have some good vs bad in the film and the pursuit that John wants to take down the bad guys and the person responsible for who hurt his sister.

I think at any given time, you might think John might lose his whole perspective because he was in the service and he could have lost his mind anytime.

I think after serving any way and facing any war, it must indeed be very stressful for anyone to come back and try to live a civilian life.

John was suppose to take medicine but refused to because it messed with his mind.

As the film goes on, John is searching through Brazil to find out clues.

There's some fights here and there but it is a decent film plot which is indeed watchable.

Of course I am going to be excited about a Michael Jai White film because I know he is bound to have a nice fight scene.

I know that each martial artist/actor has this look when he's ready to fight.

If you know Michael Jai White is getting ready to bring it, you can see that in his eyes and it is on like Donkey Kong.

The plot does have a little bit of a twist and I don't want to say too much because it might spoil it for others.

I got to admit it though. Michael Jai White is a huge guy and he is going to stand out anywhere in public, no seriously once again Michael is a solid, brick wall, so when he is walking in public in a different country he is like the incredible Hulk, so I don't think it would have been any good if he was to wear a disguise.

Well yeah that's Michael Jai White's characters for you in any action film. You mess with any one of Michael's character loved ones in a film, there is no place on this earth you can ever hide. So it is best to check yourself before Michael Jai White's character wrecks "yourself".

There was a fight scene and it took me by surprise when I saw one of the guys from the EMC Monkeys Johnny Yang fighting a little bit with Michael Jai, so that seriously took me by surprise with that. I didn't really realize he was in the film, so thumbs up for Johnny Yang.

I liked who the lead bad guy was, Masashi Odate, who was from Last Samurai and a few other films. Great tattoo on his back.

It must have been really nice to film around Brazil because some of the parts looked really beautiful to have filmed there.

Of course you know there's got to be a little fight stand off towards the end involving Michael Jai White, Lateef Crowder, and Masashi Odate.

I think maybe with the end it could be a little bit up in the air where it could maybe lead to another film, who knows.

Like I said when I want to watch a film, I decide to pick and choose what I want.

I enjoyed Falcon Rising and probably will watch it a few more times.

Now I know it is on Netflix now so it is much easier to watch it now.

I wonder what Michael Jai White's character John "Falcon" Chapman would do in a next film?

I know anything is possible for a character to have continuation if there is indeed a following that likes the film.

Basically I enjoyed the film and if there is another film with John Falcom Chapman I probably will be looking forward to seeing another film.

Once again I do not pick films based on what other people will watch.

I just know what I want to watch.

So yes, I did enjoy Falcon Rising and will be watching it again sometime soon.


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