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Fall in Love With Hip Hop

Updated on September 30, 2017

Welcome Danielle Hall as a guest writer. Learn more about her at the end of the article.

Why I fell in love with Hip Hop

When did you fall in love with hip hop? I have heard this question many times and my answer is when I first heard Salt N Pepa. They were the first female rap group on the scene and I was ecstatic because there weren’t any hip hop female groups out in the 1980s. They had a colorful wardrobe and an iconic hairstyle. Hip Hop was supposed to be a fad but it has lasted even now in 2017 and has gotten stronger than ever. Hip Hop is not only in urban households but also suburban households and continues even around the county. Koreans, Germans and even Hispanics are singing hip hop and enjoying every minute of it.

Salt and Pepa

Salt and Pepa consisted of three females and one of them was DJ Spinderalla, she was the first female MC in hip hop and is still iconic till this day. These female rappers were both sexy, confident and not afraid to be bold in a male dominated industry. I had always wanted to be in their group back when I was young, maybe get a chance to meet them, but that was a farfetched dream. I can recall posters and cassette tapes with their music playing in my boom box or on my Walkman.


When did I fall in love with hip hop? When MTV began to host music videos and I got too actually see the animation of the songs come to life. They wore colorful clothing, jewelry and rode in expensive cars, some of the videos showed the performer actually in concert. I was always glued to my television to see what the next new video would be about. The lyrics of hip hop in my day were sang with clarity and had a story to tell unlike now I hear a lot of mumbling and I have to ask my children what did they just say.

Hip hop began around 1973 and has stayed relevant up until the currently 2017. I have to say this and I know people won’t agree, but hip hop is a part of the African American culture and always will be. No other culture created fashion, music, television and art the way African Americans have that is why other races try to emulate what was created. I am not saying other cultures can’t enjoy what has been put before them, but don’t act like you doing us a favor because with the art of hip hop there would be no Eminem, Iggy Izela and Vanilla Ice.

The Down Side

One thing I didn’t now love about hip was how women were portrayed in the videos with almost next to no clothing on. Women would be shaking their bottoms and dancing provocatively on the men, in the car or in front of the camera. That is one thing that Salt N Pepa did not do, I mean they had sex appeal but they didn’t have to take off their clothes to show it. This portrayal of woman in videos I still happening today in music videos and now it’s the women rappers that are showing off their bodies sexually and half dressed. They even pose for magazine articles and attends awards shows with little or nothing on their bodies.

It's Fun

My love for hip hop has not died out because women choose to express their sexuality on screen in videos. Hip hop not only has half naked women but also has explicit lyrics. When I fell in love with hip hop it was fun and almost like a party anthem. Dancing has always been a big part of hip hop even until this day. The hip hop I love did not start off with explicit lyrics but now every song has become accustomed to explicit lyrics. I do not condone explicit lyrics because I have listened to many raps with explicit lyrics I just believe that It doesn’t take all the profanity to get the message across.

Hip hop has taken on a whole fresh look and sound since the 1980s and many artists are getting paid more money to create the music and artistry that is hip hop. I recall videos showing money all over the bed, or money in the car or people talking on the phone with money. I believe that the urban community is being targeted to think that being a rap star is the only way you can make money. I want people to know that hip hop is a part of the African American culture and their way of expressing what they are going through in their everyday lives. Music is one of the ways many people express their freedom and hip hop is right in the mainstream spot light and will be for years to come.

Danielle Hall

Danielle Hall lives in Milwaukee WI and is the proud mom of three beautiful children one daughter who is the oldest and two sons. Danielle hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with family and being active in her church ministry. Danielle has obtained a Master’s of Science Degree from Concordia University in Organizational Leadership and Administration May 2016. Danielle also attended The Institute of Children’s Literature located in West Redding CT to obtain a diploma in Writing for Teenagers and Children in July 22, 2013. Danielle shared in the publishing of a book with 19 other authors called, Flowing from the Heart of God a 365 day of God’s Inspired Readings. This book was published July 28, 2013. Danielle has 20 plus years of corporate experience in the workplace and her goal is to become a best-selling author.


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