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Famous Animated Cartoon Characters

Updated on October 22, 2011

The wonderland time in life of nay person is the childhood. And the one most important part of one’s childhood is Cartoons. Animated movies that became integral part in daily life of every kid. And sometimes even not only childhood, there are several animated movies that are watched by elders too.

Some of these animated cartoon characters became so famous that Hollywood created movies using these characters through their stars, so the small screen hits turned out to be mega screen hits.

There had been various TV channels and programs that used to cater the wishes of little kids by showing all those famous cartoon characters. I can never forget those moments of early morning that I used to enjoy being in my kindergarten, as I used to watch cartoon while getting ready for school.

Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Woody Wood Peker, Mickey Mouse, Donald duck all these are the cartoon that used to be the most famous ones around about ten to twelve years back. And those jingles in those cartoons I can still sometimes hear them in my years. Oh, it’s making me feel nostalgic for my childhood.

I think almost every grown up person if someday sits down to watch a cartoon, he would definitely be lost in his childhood. The cartoons that I named above and some other animated movie characters have been all time favorite since long. Few are even those that had been in our parents’ childhood too. Let’s remember a few of them.

Tom And Jerry

I don’t thing we can find even a single person saying that he or she haven’t grown up while watching this one most famous animated movie series. This is the funniest combination of cat-mouse fights. The fun one gets while watching

this never fades off, neither even when you are grown. This animated series was created, written and directed by the world famous animators Williams Hannah and Joseph Barbera. It was produced by famous Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in thousands of numbers. This cartoon also won the Academy award.

Mickey Mouse

Another sweetie pie cartoon that at least I used to watch a lot was Mickey Mouse. That sweet love and those fights between Mickey and Minnie Mouse had always been an adorable experience to watch. It was first introduced on November 18 1928 by Walt Disney.

This is also an academy award winning comic series that turned out to a wonderful success.

And from the small screen it came in to films also and then into lives of people as children got mad at this character and one could find everything with this character on it.


One of the mot popular Looney Tunes character was Tweety that used to appear in cartoon with Bugs Bunny and Taz. While the cat Sylvester was always found chasing to eat her up.

This is a sweet yellow colored bird which actually named as sweetie but as it can not pronounce its name correctly itself so it became Tweety.

Once again this character was also awarded with Academy award.Tweety has a misconception attached to it that this is a female while in reality it has been a male character since always.

Super Man

Super Man has been the most famous hero character that has been created ever. This has been all time favorite for kids since it was created long ago. It is a super-human comic fictional character.

This was actually created by a Canadian artist and an American writer in 1932 and was later sold to detective comic incorporation in 1938, from where it started to appear as a comic character. Comic strips used to be published for this character first than many series of it came on radio.

Later television series were also made of this character and became famous world wide. Many huge budget films of Superman have also been produced from Hollywood in series. So from an animated cartoon character it turned out to be an animated movie character equally liked by adults and children.

Donald Duck

A white duck having yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet often found wearing sailor shirt, cap, and a red or black bow tie, yes you have guessed it right, it can be none other than the famous Donald duck.

This character came with Mickey and Minnie Mouse too with his love Daisy Duck. This is also series of animated movies produced by Walt Disney. The most famous thing related to Donald Duck is its most distinct voice that can be identified whatsoever $6 the way it appears.

These all are the old very famous cartoon characters and animated movie series that were designed and produced for children and were liked by elders too. These have been successful and famous since they were introduced. At least I find these old ones much better than the cartoon series that we experience to watch now, most of which are usually not suitable for kids even.


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    • profile image

      mohammed iman 

      9 years ago

      what is the name of a famous animated caracter that has a s and w. a s in his first name and a w in his second name thanks.


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