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About The Famous French female jazz singers

Updated on September 30, 2015

Famous French female jazz singers

Famous French female jazz singers

The Afro – American cultural synthesis that has longstanding historic roots gave birth to many musical genres. Here belong: the blues, jazz, soul, gospel songs, etc. Starting form late 19th century and early 20th jazz (along with the blues) was becoming very popular in America. We could even say that that epoch went by backed by the jazz and blues melodies. At first jazz was known as “jass” and appeared as a term round 1915 meaning precisely Chicago music.

Jazz originated in America’s South mainly from the popular music of those days implying significant elements from: polyrhythms, blue notes, swung, syncopation and other. Latter jazz began to encompass a number of genres, subgenres, and variant performance. With its development jazz naturally gave birth to a number of sub-genres: hot jazz (dixieland), swing, bebop, jazz fusion, soul, funk, smooth, cool jazz, acid, free jazz, and other. Jazz has been acquiring new traits and peculiar performing manner in all countries where it was highly admired. It was becoming a kind of a fusion of the purely American jazz tradition and the new country’s soul. Such blends have become: the Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, Brazilian jazz, and of course the French jazz.

Although initially jazz assimilated some specifics of European musical traditions, molded in its unique form it starts to irresistibly win the European public in the 1920s. However, jazz starts to seep into this part of the world already in early 1900s. The mainstream of European jazz was born in France by “Quintette du Hot Club de France” in the 1930s. The traditional jazz instrumental set (the jazz quartet when including the vocalist) is preserved here: guitar, double bass and violin. French jazz was impacted by bal-musette (French music and dance style) and East European folk traditions.

French jazz was distinguished by its alluring charm and captivating appeal. Among the most outstanding famous French female jazz singers are: Josette Daydé, Anne Ducros, Jocelyne Jocya, Sara Lazarus, and Patricia Kaas. Below we provide brief detail on each of them.

Josette Daydé was predominantly a swing jazz singer. She also performed in the chanson genre and was an actress. Her famous pieces are: "On a volé une étoile", "Toi c'est moi", "Grand-père n'aime pas le swing", "Oui!", “Cou-Cou”, and many other.

Anne Ducros received classical education in music, was interested in baroque music and one day being a talented soloist started her jazz band (quartet). In 1990s she became a manager of the first vocal jazz school in Paris, namely “Prélude”. Discography includes: "Don't You Take a Chance" (vocal album), When I know, if I know, You and the night and the music, and other.

Jocelyne Jocya was a vocalist and a songwriter. In 1950s – 1980s she sold millions of records worldwide, was under Edith Piaf’s patronage, and received a number of the most prestigious awards, and established a federation to protect children’s rights. Discography includes: “Bon Voyage”, “Pour Peu Qu’on M’aime”, “Ton Adieu, Si Tous les Je T’aime”, and many other.

Sara Lazarus was born in Delaware, U.S. but performs French jazz. Her career started in musical theatre, proceeding as the piano and tenor saxophone musician, and a vocalist. Discography includes: Anything Goes, Give Me A Simple Life, It’s All Right With Me.

Patricia Kaas is a vocalist and an actress. She performs in different genres: jazz, chanson, pop music. She has attained acknowledgement worldwide. Her jazz sways off its classic form. Discography includes: “Mademoiselle chante le blues”, “Scène de vie”, “Je te dis vous”, and many other.

Josette Daydé singing "Quand Betty fait boop"


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    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks Billy :-)

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub - I love the sound of French Jazz but wasn't familiar with the artists - thanks for sharing them.


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