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Famous Quotes From the Friends Series

Updated on January 29, 2018
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I am a front-end developer by profession, but I enjoy writing articles about anything mysterious, interesting, and fascinating.

"Friends" is one of the most famous sitcom series ever and has millions of viewers worldwide. It was a really emotional time for the fans when the series ended. However, this did not prevent us from rewatching the series again and again till all the dialogues and comedies were etched in our mind. Here are some of the more famous quotes from the TV series to jog your memory.

1. How you doin - by Joey:

This is arguably the most iconic phrase in the series. The perfect pick up line to impress a girl. Joey has used this a number of times. Whenever he comes across a cute girl he looks up and down the girl and says, "How you doin?" in his trademark fashion. This never gets old and each time Joey says this, it gets even better!

2. That is so not true! - by Chandler:

Boss man Bing certainly knows how to assert his authority. Chandler may not like his job and the responsibilities that come with it but he is more than capable of managing his employees. This, however, does not prevent his colleagues from teasing him for his mannerisms. The modulations in his voice while giving a task are very distinct and hilarious!

3. Smelly Cat - by Phoebe:

Phoebe is known for her wide array of crazy songs. But nothing stands out more than "Smelly Cat". There was even a video song made for smelly cat and also a jingle came out for a cat food ad. Makes you wonder if Phoebe really had some potential to create popular songs.

4. Unagi! - by Ross:

Ross is the know it all of the group and he doesn't pass any opportunity to criticize others. Having a very high opinion of himself he considers himself to be adept in martial arts. He even tells Rachael and Phoebe that they are vulnerable to attacks and lack self-awareness, "Unagi" in short.

5. I'm curvy and I like it! - by Joey:

Joey likes to flirt with women but he likes to eat even more. No matter how disgusting the dish might be, Joey will eat it and he takes pride in it. When Rachael's sister Amy mentions to Joey that his junk food might cause him to get overweight he loses it!

6. OH MY GOD! - by Janice:

Janice is the most annoying character in the whole series. She has so many annoying characteristics and habits that we get as annoyed as Chandler when we hear her voice. The worst part is hearing her say "Oh my God!" when we would really want to rip our arm off so that we could have something to throw at her!

7. I know! - by Monica:

Monica is a competitive person known for her obsessive-compulsive nature. Being a chef she also wants everything to be clean and freaks out if anything is not arranged in an orderly fashion. She is also very strict and asserts her authority with a loud "I know!"

8. Joey doesn't share food! - by Joey:

We already know Joey's love for food and how he doesn't like other people from telling him not to eat. Well, it is even worse if you ask him to share his food. There was even an episode where Joey instinctively moved in order to protect his sandwich from a gunshot. He then broke up with his date 'Sarah' because she took his food. Do you know why? Because "Joey doesn't share food!"

9. We were on a break! - by Ross:

Who knew that Paleontologists could get so angry. Rachael breaks up with Ross as he slept with Chloe but Ross defends himself saying that he did that only because they were on a break. He keeps bringing this up over and over again and it is hilarious. He even taught Ben the same phrase.

10. It's baby time - by Monica:

Monica is obsessed with babies and this was something which was always on her mind. She broke up with Richard because he did not like the idea of having kids. When Chandler and Monica got married they immediately got ready to raise a child. There was this time when Monica wanted to get 'down to business' with Chandler but unfortunately poor Ross got caught up in the middle of it.

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