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Farmville best tip ever, becoming number 1

Updated on August 30, 2013


A lot is written in the web about how one can go further and faster in the famous facebook game ( Zynga ) - FARMVILLE. I think I've been one of the first looking for those precious secrets. Nonetheless, all I could ever find were small tricks that provided a few extra coins or a dozen XP.

Meanwhile, I watched my neighbours, that probably spent much more time playing than myself, getting ahead of me.

Untill, by random luck, one day I found out how to be better than my neighbours.

All you need to do is just what I describe next:

Step 1

photo nr.1
photo nr.1 | Source
photo nr.2
photo nr.2 | Source

In the first photo you can see how I stand in the game, before using the "trick". You can check I have 1675850 coins, 0 FV, in the early stages of the level 157 and a huge dairy farm 0% ready, with 40 cows in it. I also have several belt cows 100% ready outside the huge dairy farm.

I chose cow belts, since, after the harvest, they’re the ones that provide more coins per day, 3000 coins. But I might just mention that this trick can be done with any other type of cow. Anyway, I advise , if you don’t have a lot of cow belts, to do the trick with any other type of cow, but as you make more coins, buy more cow belts, given they are by far those who give higher income.

photo nr.3
photo nr.3 | Source

Step 2

I took eight cows out of the huge fairy farm (photo nr.3)

Step 3

In the lower right corner of the game’s screen I selected the “move” tool (photo nr.4), then take a cow belt that is 100 % ready (photo nr.5) and move it into the huge dairy farm (photo nr.6), automatically the huge dairy farm will be at 100 % ready and you can harvest it (photo nr.7)

photo nr.4
photo nr.4 | Source
photo nr. 5
photo nr. 5 | Source
photo nr. 6
photo nr. 6 | Source
photo nr. 7
photo nr. 7 | Source

In photo nr. 8 you can check what I’ve earned with just one cow belt 100% ready: I’ve gone from 1675850 coins to 1774850 coins, that is, I earned 99000 coins, which corresponds to the 33 cow belts already harvested inside the huge dairy farm.

In photo nr. 9 you can see the nr. of coins I have after filling the huge dairy farm again with cow belts. Which means, moving a cow belt to the huge dairy farm, harvesting it, moving another, harvesting it, so long and so forth, since the huge dairy farm had 32 cows until the max. 40, allowed me to collect 2551850 coins – 1675850 coins = 876000 coins, almost enough to buy another cow belt, which costs 1000000 coins. Given I had already more than 2000000 coins, I bought 2 cow belts (photo nr. 10), remaining only 551850 coins (photo nr. 11).

photo nr. 8
photo nr. 8 | Source
photo nr. 9
photo nr. 9 | Source
photo nr. 10
photo nr. 10 | Source
photo nr. 11
photo nr. 11 | Source

Photo nr. 12 shows I’m in level 157 and I need 73740 XP to change to the next level. In normal conditions that would take days, to some maybe weeks, but if you use this trick you can do it in 5 minutes or so.

Taking out cows to make room in the huge dairy farm to place others that are 100%ready, one at a time and harvesting them, after the mentioned five minutes I came up to 8283350 coins and still having cows 100% ready, which means I could just go on (Photo nr. 13).

photo nr. 12
photo nr. 12 | Source
photo nr. 13
photo nr. 13 | Source

Well, 8283350 coins is enough to buy 8 cow belts of 1000000 coins each, gaining 10000 XP in each cow belt bought. That’s how I arrived at photo nr. 14. As you can see, I only have 283350 coins but I arrived at the next level, nr. 158. All that, in just five minutes, give or take.

photo nr. 14
photo nr. 14 | Source

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Please be aware that to start using this trick in Farmville, either you already have cow belts or it will take a bit more, because you will have to buy them one by one so the trick is really effective, as I explained above, but I think it’s worth it. And by the way, yes, in my neighborhood I am nr. 1.

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    • algarveview profile image

      Joana e Bruno 5 years ago from Algarve, Portugal

      Hello, cheatcodesforfarm, glad I can be of help, afterwards let me know how it went. And thank you for reading and commenting.

    • cheatcodesforfarm profile image

      cheatcodesforfarm 6 years ago

      Nice! Glad I came across this hub, gave me some ideas I can apply right away. Thanks!

    • algarveview profile image

      Joana e Bruno 6 years ago from Algarve, Portugal

      Great that you liked the tip, but remember it takes some time to really get all benefits. I'll try to make other Hubs about it here, just keep following.

    • Sweetsimple16 profile image

      Sweetsimple16 6 years ago from United kingdom, London

      am a farmville addict great tip u know keep it up :)

    • algarveview profile image

      Joana e Bruno 6 years ago from Algarve, Portugal

      Glad that i can be of some help. Thanks

    • NicholeRLovi profile image

      Nichole Thomas 6 years ago from Illinois

      Nice hub:) I don't play farmville but I have tons of facebookers that do so I shared you link with all of them:)