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Fascinating movie, Cyrano Agency Movie of Korean Actor Uhm Tae Wong

Updated on March 1, 2011


Cyrano Agency's business is to attend to clients (Most of them are males) who don't know how to court the girl they like or became dumbfounded when they see thier prospect face to face. In their calling card it said "Make her fall in love, at Top Secret". Meaning, they will help their clients by stalking the prospects like an undercover agent and with the information that they can gather, they will start their job, like they are making a love story movie. The four characters running the business are all Theater People. That is why they held their office in a former theatre where there are so many props which they use in their projects. They are also acting coaches, teaching their client on the proper reaction, including the manner of dressing and hairstyle..

Who is Cyrano?

 The Movie is based on a French Playwright Cyrano, It is a story of a very artistic Man who writes love letter that can melt a woman's heart, but Cyrano is not that good looking, in fact some people make fun of him because of his extra large nose. He is in love with a Distant and exceptionally beautiful cousin Roxanne but never had the courage to tell her because of his physical insecurities. His friend Christian fell in love with Roxanne but he does not have the capability to write a love letter, so Cyrano helped him by writing a love letter address to Roxanne but under the name of Christian. It was the best love letter he had written for he wrote what his heart was saying, he was indeed in love with Roxanne.

The Big Boss of Cyrano Agency is Byeong-hoon (Uhm Tae Wong), He used to act in theatre and plays and one of most remarkable performance of him was when he portrayed the role of Cyrano, that could obviously the reason why they named the Agency after him.


Uhm Tae Wong as Byeong-hoon - Byeong-Hoon is the big boss of Cyrano Agency, a Theatre Actor with a good training background in Paris where he met his ex girlfriend Hee-Jong

 Park Sin-hye as  Min-yeong - She works eith Byeong-Hoon as strategist, undercover agent, acting coach and make up artist of their clients. She knows very well the flow of thier business and very determined to push through with the Cyrano Agency. She always reminds Byeong Hoon about not to complicate personal feelings with their business

 Choi Daniel as Sang-yong - a succesful financial strategist...but not so good in courting women, he is determined to spend a lot just to win the heart of Hee-jong

Lee Min-jeong as Hee Jong -Ex- girlfriend of Byeong Hoon, who became Sang-yong Girlfriend in the end


Cyrano Agency seemed to be very successful in helping their clients to have a love life, until Sang Yong came to the office, requesting their services. When Byeong-Hoon saw who is Sang Yong's apple of the eyes, his initial reaction was to decline him, but Min-Yeong said they need the client so that they can pay their agency debt, Byeong-Hoon finally agreed but he quoted a very expensive service fee to Sang Yong, thinking that he may not consider the agency's assistance since they are too expensive, but Sang Yong said he can afford it.

Sang Yong's prospect love of his life is Hee Jong, Byeong -Hoon's Ex Girlfriend that he still loves. The twist of the story started when Byeong Hoon almost ruined the purpose of their agency because of his personal feeling. The lovers that they are setting ended up with Hee Jong getting mad with Sang Yong. Byeong Hoon decided to close down the agency but Sang Yong begged, and asked them not to close down and still help him with Hee Jong. 

Byeong Hoon pities Sang Yong and realized too how deeply Sang yong loves his ex girlfriend so he decided to help SAng Yong again though his heart is aching. 

On the day when Sang Yong Proposed to Hee Jong, Sang yong forgot his line, through the secret device, Byeong Hoon dictated to him what he should tell Hee Jong. And he said what his hearts wanted to tell Hee Jong. He became the modern day Cyrano, helping his friend proposed to the woman that he also loved.

Hee Jong accepted Sang Yong's Proposal, while Byeong Hoon quit Cyrano Agency and went back to theaters as director.

The last part of the story was with Min yeong visiting Byeong Hoon, now she is the one with secret device and her target is to make Byeong Hoon fall in love with her.

Scene from the movie


A good love story. though I can't understand clearly why Byeong Hoon and Hee Jong can't patch up their differences when they still love each other.

I Love the part when Byeong Hoon dictated to Sang Yong his confession of love, Uhm Tae Wong was able to express the character's pain of letting go of his love for another person. I also like to commend Park Sin Hye when she sadly watched Byeong Hoon in pain when Sang Yong and Hee Jong finally kissed. She was also good when she pretended to be Byeong Hoon's girlfriend and begged Hee Jong to let go of him...

This movie is short but every scene is remarkable. All actors portrayed thier roles very well,

Nice to see my favorite Uhm Tae Wong, after watching him as Yushing Rang in Queen Seon Deok, as the other man in My Sassy Girl Chunyang (how I favored him more than Marvin) as a different character in Handphone, I can say he is indeed a good actor... Hope to see more of his movies and soap opera soon



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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      Asyree hahaha you are here also....yes I like Uhm Tae Wong, and was able to watch handphone where Kim Nam Gil was also there. He is a good actor and I wish to see him work with Lee Yo Won thing about this guy, he also likes dogs and he got so many, I think 14...

    • profile image

      asyree 5 years ago

      Hi there Maria, haha, seems that u're UTW's fan too, just like me hihi. I first saw UTW in this movie too and i was so impressed with his acting here. UTW's role as an (acting) coach for his client really requires strong screen presence and charisma coz in the drama his job is to coach people to act differently than they do in their daily basis. His character tells us that he's a former theater actor and he even studied abroad for that so UTW really need to perform as convincing as possible. I was impressed coz i saw a real theater actor instead of an actor acting as a former actor (i had thought that this guy looked so familiar on stage and boy i was correct, UTW indeed took theater as his major during his college days!).

      Then one day i watched 1 Night 2 Days, a korean traveling trip variety show on my tv, saw a glimpse of him as himself not as an actor on work, loved what i saw there, then it lead me to The Man of Equator, another great work from this awesome guy, and the rest is history. I become a big fan of him now, hehe!!!

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Febrie, thanks for visiting, you think I am obviously an Uhm Tae Wong Fan?

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia

      Hi Maria, I never watch this before, thank you for the link, I will start to watch. Rated up.