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Elegance, glamour and diamonds: Elizabeth Taylor had all 3

Updated on March 28, 2016

Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

My few memories of Elizabeth Taylor

So, we have lost a true legend, queen of celebrity land and great philanthropist. Ms. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor passed away on March 23, 2011. I speak for myself when I say, I will miss hearing about her flamboyant charity work, but I know the work will go on with soemone that she has designated to handle this part of her affiars. To help facilitate this page, I have an outline that I will use to describe the many Fascinating ways that Elizabeth Taylor encouraged me and others for sure.

Her areas of great impact

  1. Life and Love: She lived it! Born of British decent and on the screen as a child star in the United States of America. She grew up in Hollywood, and as a Hollywood teen star, quickly and easily moved into becoming a full grown movie star as an adult. Finding true love seemed to be very important to her, getting married and remarried so many times, relentless in the pursuit for the 'Good' married life. Then, again she had a husband that died suddenly and that ended that marriage, not divorce. As a child, I would hear the adults around me gossip about her. Shame on them. Nothing good comes from gossip like that. She also traveled all over the world and one of her husbands was a Senator. Interesting!
  2. Tragedy: Okay, you know she had over half a dozen near death experiences before her death, right? I remember hearing about her major back injury as a little girl! Then, another news report stated that she had tumors and by God, did she overcome that too! And there were numerous story's about her breaking her back too. Next, she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Gees!
  3. Woman Owned Business: She set a positive standard for creating a branded product. Her Diamond perfume collections!? I've personally had the advantage of being able to afford a bottle (No Matter how small). Nice, soft aroma for the perfumes. I currently have a White Diamond lotion in my beauty products basket. Additionally, I've purchased and enjoyed using the Diamond and Emerald, as well as Diamond and Sapphire collections. She's had great success with being a Woman Business Owner!
  4. Philanthropy: She started a very prolific Aids Foundation and spearheaded numerous other foundations to help other causes on the face of the earth. ? Between people in our homes, communities and the media and paparazzi, this is the worst thing that anyone can do and the only reason they do it is so that they can look good. Really? Is that why people in the spotlight of Hollywood or New York slip away from the media goopla, in an effort to be there for love ones who've been diagnosed with a grieved illness or disease, they are not seen but rarely on screen?

My closing remarks

* I wanted to create this hub post, it's my thank you for being aware of Elizabeth Taylor and what she's done. I've always had a kind, sweet and meek heart. I've also been more inclined to listen to someone's point of view first, versus taking someone's word for what they say about a person. I'll add more to this post as the days go by and more things come to mind.

She might gone from this earth, yet, the positive impact she's left behind is great. Please share a comment on how she touched you.


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