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Fast and the Furious Movie cast of Villains

Updated on December 27, 2015

The Fast and the Furious movie franchise has introduced many villains to us. Here's a quick breakdown of who they are.

Johnny Tran
Johnny Tran | Source

The Fast and the Furious Blu-Ray

The Fast and the Furious (Movie #1): Johnny Tran

What he does?
Tran is the leader of a rival race crew to Dominic Toretto's crew. They've always been rivals in racing and is assumed to be involved in some form of organized crime. What fuels the rivalry even more is when SWAT invades Trans’ house in which Tran is ashamed because it’s done in front of his family. He accuses Dom of calling in the SWAT and ratting him out. Dom’s innocent, of course and a me-lee ensues at Race Wars. Jesse later fuels the fire even more by racing his Jetta for pink slips against Tran’s S2000 and loses the race. He is shocked and afraid, so he speeds away. Tran is angry and tells Dom to go fetch the car he has won. When Jesse doesn't come back, Tran does a drive by shooting at Dom's house and kills Jesse. Brian and Dom later go after Tran and he eventually gets shot and dies.

Does he die?
Yes, Brian fatally shoots Tran. There's no way that he can return to any movie later in the series.

What he drives:
Tran drives a Honda S2000 while at Race Wars. Howevver, he's mostly seen driving a sportbike.

Carter Verone
Carter Verone | Source

2 Fast 2 Furious Blu-Ray

2 Fast 2 Furious (Movie #2): Carter Verone

What he does?
Verone is a drug dealer in Miami. He looks for drivers to run drugs for him. Brian and Roman go undercover as drivers in order to put Verone away.

Does he die?
No, Verone is taken away into custody. There could be a possibility that he could turn up again in another movie, but I think it's highly unlikely that he will. But anything is possible in this franchise.

What he drives:
Verone doesn't really drive anything. He's basically just a rich playboy sort of guy who gets people to do things for him. He has really no basis in being in this movie or anything really dealing with racing or cars at all. He doesn't even look like he knows much about cars.

Takashi | Source

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Blu-Ray

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Movie #3): Takashi

What he does?
Takashi, also known as DK or “Drift King” confronts Sean at a drift race when he sees his girlfriend Neela talking to him. He challenges Sean to a race to the top of the parking garage in which DK easily wins. The real problem ensues when Takashi finds out that Han is skimming money from him. He confronts Han, which later dies in an “accident” involving him hitting another car (see Fast and Furious 7). The only way to make the situation right for all the problems that have been happening is to have Sean and DK settle their differences in a final race down DK’s favorite mountain. Quite possibly the weakest Fast and Furious villain.

Does he die?
Not clearly known, but it’s doubtful that he dies from the crash. Being that Tokyo Drift has taken place after all of the movies that were released, he could very well be back in Fast and Furious 7 in a larger role.

What he drives:
Takashi drives a Nissan 350Z. This is the only car that he drives in the film.

Arturo Braga
Arturo Braga | Source

Fast & Furious (Movie #4): Arturo Braga

What he does?
Braga is a prominent drug trafficker in Mexico (and later found out to have underground ties around the world). Brian gets Letty to work undercover for Braga when something wrong happens and she's later assumed dead from one of Braga's henchmen. Word of Letty's death gets to Dom and he returns to the states to avenge Braga. Brian teams up with him and becomes one of Braga's drivers to get closer to Braga. In the end, Braga is taken into custody from Mexico and brought over to the United States.

Does he die?
No, he’s taken back to the United States and put into prison. Braga is alive and kicking in prison (as seen in Fast and Furious 6). He later tells Brian that all of his moves were followed and known from the beginning. Braga just might appear in the 7th movie. Maybe he'll break out of prison, or something else will come up that will tie him to the Shaw brothers.

What he drives:
Braga does not drive in this film.

Hernan Reyes
Hernan Reyes | Source

Fast Five DVD+Blu-Ray

Fast Five (Movie #5): Hernan Reyes

What he does?
Reyes is a crooked businessman and drug lord in Brazil who owns the police and many government officials. He provides resources to the favelas in Rio so he can control and own them. When Brian an Dom’s crew make it known that they want to steal his money, he put all of his money in the police vault. Brian, Dom and the team devise a plan to steal the vault and the money.

Does he die?
Yes, Hobbs kills Reyes. There is no way that Reyes will appear in another movie.

What he drives:
Reyes does not drive in this film.

Owen Shaw
Owen Shaw | Source

Fast & Furious 6 (Movie #6): Owen Shaw

What he does?
Shaw is an ex special ops mercenary and the mastermind of a highly advanced crime team. Shaw knows every move that Brian, Dom and the team makes and is extremely difficult to catch.

Does he die?
Yes, he falls out of a plane. There's no way that Shaw will return in another movie. However, his brother, as shown in the credits in Fast and Furious 6, played by Jason Statham, reveals that he was the one who killed Han in Tokyo Drift and that he's out to look for Dom. He will get his revenge in Fast and the Furious 7.

What he drives:
Shaw drives a high speed low-slung ramp car in the beginning of the movie. Later, he's seen driving an Aston Martin.

Deckard Shaw
Deckard Shaw

Furious 7 (Movie #7): Deckard Shaw

What he does?
He's a special forces assassin that seeks revenge for his brother. He's very hard to find.

Does he die?
No. In the end of the movie, he's seen in custody in a secret CIA prison. Hobbs is seen with him.

What he drives:
Shaw is seen driving many exotic vehicles in the movie. Among them are an Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Aventador, and a Maserati Ghibli.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker

In memorial of Paul Walker

Paul Walker was an influential actor in the Fast & Furious Series of movies. As of today, 11/30/2013, the news media has reported and confirmed of his death at the age of 40 years old. I've always enjoyed the Fast & Furious series of movies and Paul Walker played his role perfectly. The movies initially brought street racing to the forefront and everyone who didn't know what street racing and the life knew. But the Fast & Furious movies were more than that. It was just all about street racers, but as other movies evolved, more about the theme of family and sticking together.

Fast and Furious Movie Cast of Villains

(click column header to sort results)
Villain Rating  
The Fast and the Furious
Johnny Tran
2 Fast 2 Furious
Carter Verone
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Fast and Furious
Arturo Braga
Fast 5
Hernan Reyes
Fast & Furious 6
Owen Shaw
Furious 7
Deckard Shaw
Chart of Fast and the Furious villains and their rating in order of severity in influence. Scale is 1-6, with #1 being the most influential and severe villain.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Owen shaw is alive in a coma in the beginning of the seventh one

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Carter verone is gonna make a comebavk in fast 7


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