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Fat sick and nearly dead - A Joe Cross Film

Updated on May 16, 2012

Award Winning Documentary

Winner of the 2010 best Documentary featured film by Iowa independent film festival. Also the winner of the Turning Point Award & Audience Choice Award by Sonoma International, the very same year.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead the documentary, has stood out in the year of 2011 to many health conscious folks looking to improve their overall health conditions.

The making of this documentary was strategic, yet very effective at becoming another eye opener, about health issues overall for people, and especially for those of us who are just coming in contact with such useful information. Today's importance of exposing the awareness about vegetable juicing, and the organic vs processed food movement that's been brewing onward for some time, is beginning to spread everywhere with films like this, and to all walks of life it seems.

The watching of this documentary, has brought up a great deal of controversy in many households across america, about the facts of eating unhealthy foods. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary about one guy, who truly learns that his health is rapidly deteriorating, and attributes such, to his poor eating habits of fast foods, and processed foods. It was created and produced by a man named Joe Cross, who is a native of the Australia.

Why did he make this Documentary

Joe Cross happened to be suffering from an abnormal skin disease known as chronic urticaria, that affected him in many ways of various inflammations & skin irritations. He also was on many medications, so he had to find a way out of such a poor health condition. His belly had gotten far too chubby for his own taste, and his motivation for life was truly on a down slide, just like many American's suffering from being over weight & stricken with obesity today.

He had been afraid that he may have been heading towards the direction of getting fatally ill, & since that may have been the case, he decided to produce this documentary film. He also felt, that if he hadn't made an honest attempt to change his eating habits, daily dietary meal plan, as well as overall outlook on his life, his physical fitness, and exercise he would soon die for sure by having a heart attack.

This was all he needed as motivation to get himself into discovering the truth behind, eating such healthy foods as green vegetables, and a variety of other vegetable combinations in the form of juices.


Who is Joe Cross

I Googled his name, and some extraordinary info comes up, but besides the juicy info on him, he explained in the documentary his power and prestige in life prior to the making of such a documentary.

Joe Cross actually turns out to be an Australian Entrepreneur and investor of early stage high potential growth companies, according to the Huffington Post. His early beginnings as an investor, has made him very wealthy over the course of many years. He began his career as a trader for the Sydney Future Exchange, years back between the early 1980's-1998. From there he founded many companies, which lead him to even much more success.

In 2003, Joe invested his own capital into these companies even further, using his Investment vehicle known as Jamsea Investments Pty Ltd. This solidified his portfolio of assets, thus leading to these powerful start ups having such successful growth potential, and establishing themselves as great businesses with much promise for the future.

Recently Joe Cross founded a new start up known as Reboot Your Life, which is now known for its flair for such things, as establishing a healthy lifestyle and providing information on how to do it all. Using tools, media, entertainment, media products & much more he has made such a reality come true, and we will see how much success it can get him, and people who benefit from such in due time.

Joe Cross proclaimed to never have produced a film prior to Fat Sick & Nearly dead, but he did so anyhow since he had such a need to get the word out about his health condition, and in such an informative way to possibly help others.

Awesome Juicing Tips by Joe


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    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 5 years ago

      This movie was an eye opener for me as well. Since seeing this movie as well as "Fork over Knives, Engine 2, Food Inc, and King Corn" I've totally changed my eating habits. I juice some of my meals but primarily eat a plant based, whole foods diet now. Which means I no longer eat meat, dairy or processed foods of any kind. It hasn't been that difficult and I feel great and it's only been 2 weeks!

      I've lost seven pounds in that time and my energy is way up! I used to need a nap by two every day because I felt totally drained of energy. My focus is to be healthier and the extra weight coming off is just an added bonus.

      Voted UP and useful!

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @PDXKaraokeGuy, I loved both of them documentary films, it was definitely worth the time invested.

    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      Nice work, Mike. I'd never heard of this film and I'll have to check it out, along with Invisible Children one you reviewed. These are both causes I feel very strongly about. Thanks for bringing this to light. Up and share, et al.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Hey there Pwalker we meet again, yup I'm on my health kick now, ever since I saw that movie the beautiful truth, and I've been finding more & more great films on the health theme.

      I'm just glad to finally locate some great info and resources to help me on my way, towards a much more refreshing and healthy life. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, and will be bringing much more to the table here on hubpages.

    • profile image

      PWalker281 5 years ago

      Wow! What a transformation he made!

      I juice a bit but not nearly enough as I need to. Perhaps this hub will inspire me to do it more often. Thanks for sharing. Rated up, useful, and interesting.