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Favorite Foreign Language Movies

Updated on August 3, 2017

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)

~ French with English subtitles ~ I give it 4 STARS

This movie was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and is based on the true story of Jean-Dominique Bauby. After suffering a massive stroke, Jean-Do is paralyzed and left with a condition known as "locked-in syndrome." His only means of communication is by moving an eyelid (one blink = yes and two blinks = no.) A dedicated speech therapist helps him learn how to spell as she recites the alphabet and he blinks "yes" or "no" to the appropriate letter. Thus, he is able to dictate his memoirs of life with an imagination and creativity that no physical disability can destroy.

Diving Bell and the Butterfly Trailer

The Bicycle Thief (1949 - B&W )

Italian language with English subtitles - I gave it 3 STARS

A man who must have a bicycle in order to work has it stolen. He embarks on an obsessive search with his young son all over Rome to find it.

Trailer for The Bicycle Thief

Pauline and Paulette (2002)

Flemish with English subtitles - I gave it 3 1/2 STARS

A film about 4 sisters in their 60's as they face the challenges of growing old. Pauline is the sister with a mental disability, who is entralled with her older sister Paulette. Pauline has a love of flowers and the cinematography in this film is touching and beautiufl! When Martha, the care-taker sister dies suddenly, Pauline's two remaining sister's must come to terms with the fact that one of them is to become Pauline's caretaker. Who will make the sacrifice to assume the responsibility of caring for Pauline?

Industry Reviews

"...[A] modest, touching film....A subtle, poignant picture....It leaves you with a bittersweet glow of wisdom and an appreciation of the small triumphs and difficult labors of love..."

New York Times - p.E29 - A. O. Scott

"...This beguiling Belgian fable, very much its own droll and delicate little film, has some touching things to say about what is important in life and why..."

Los Angeles Times - p.C12 - Kenneth Turan

"...A charming tale....A touching study of emotional isolation..."

Total Film - p.102 - Neil Smith

Pauline and Paulette Trailer

The Way Home (2003)

Korean with English Subtitles - I gave this film - 4 STARS

The director of this movie, Jeong-hyang Lee, dedicatd this film to all grandmothers. It is about a seven year old boy that is very obnoxious and selfish. His mother must temporarily send him to live with his grandmother in a very primitive and rural part of the country while she looks for a job. The boy's life-style clashes with that of his grandmother, but through her unconditional love and patience, the boy is transformed into a sensitive and caring lad by the time his mother returns for him. Beautifully simplistic and pure -- heartwarming- a foreign classic !!

Children of Heaven - (2002)

Farsi with English Subtitles - I gave this film - 4 STARS

The devotion and love between brother and sister are preciously portrayed in this film. I found this film to be simplistically engaging. It also is very pleasing to the eye, with beautiful cinematography.

Children of Heaven


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    • profile image

      7th Spartan 

      10 years ago

      Great summation! Thanks

    • profile image

      7th Spartan 

      10 years ago

      Great summation! Thanks

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      It sounds like a wonderfull Movie about the tragic resulst from a Person suffering a Massove Stroke & His struggle to;

      1st. survive the Attack

      2nd. communicate with others, thru 1 lonely Eye Blink at a time.

      3rdly. Managing to dictate His Memoirs through this Agonizing means of communication.

      Imagine the Frustration of the Sender of the "Eye Blink" + the Receiver that had to partake in this adventure to finish the Story / Movie.

      As it states; (dictate his memoirs of life with an imagination and creativity that no physical disability can destroy.)


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