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Peyton Manning Commercials

Updated on June 5, 2011

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Manning Is Quite A Good Spokesperson

My latest hub is dedicated to Peyton Manning commercials. Manning has been featured in ads for companies such as Mastercard, Directv, and Gatorade. He is quite a good actor who has a great charm. I have selected five commercials, three of which are Mastercard ads. Included a poll at the end of everyone's favorite ad featuring the Indianapolis Colts superstar. All of these are commercials have been featured on television. So, sit back, enjoy, and vote for your favorite.


What is your favorite Peyton Manning Commercial

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ESPN Manning Brothers Commercial

Peyton Priceless Pep Talk - Bigger Shirts

Sprint Ad

Peyton - Mastercard Ad

Peyton - Mastercard 2008


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    • fishtiger58 profile image

      fishtiger58 8 years ago from Momence, Illinois

      Excellent hub Kingis. I have been telling my husband for years Payton must become an actor after football. A comedy actor for sure he is a hoot.