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Creative Photo Projects for Your Home

Updated on May 24, 2015
LuisEGonzalez profile image

I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years.

Embroidering a Photograph

Used by permission
Used by permission | Source


Used by permission
Used by permission | Source

Instagram has become an overnight sensation and there are many who have become "experts" in using the method. Well, how about gathering a good number of instagram pictures, printing them and mounting them on a wall much like what a thumbnail compilation would look like.

In other words you would be making an Instagram wall. Use painter's blue tape to mark the space around the set up and as dividers. Once the pictures have been glued to the wall, you can remove the tape and paint over the empty space.

Alternatively, instead of gluing the pictures to the wall directly you can glue them to a poster board or really fine wood panel.

If you like photography sooner or later you are going to star using your photographs for other things besides trying to be published in a magazine or other publication.

This is not unusual, many of us take on a hobby and make it a profession or simply do it for the fun of it. Photography is no different.

There are several things that you can do with your photographs besides putting them on a frame and hanging them on a wall or placing them inside a photo album.

There are many creative ways that your photographs can be used for home décor and other creative methods of displaying them.


I have two dogs and one on the way. I also like cats and hamsters. I have had a fascination with animals since high school and over the years have kept many animals as pets.

I recently took some close ups of the faces of my two dogs and after printing them, carefully cut out the faces. Then I mounted them on a sturdy piece of cardboard cut to match the shape of the photograph but you can use foam just as well. I drilled a small hole in the center and attached a simple clock mechanism which I bought at an arts & crafts store.

I now have two wall clocks featuring my pets. You can basically do the same with any photograph of your pets, even of a willing adult. It is up to you but this is a fun way of adding an unusual piece of décor to your house.

If you are more of a handyman or handy lady...then transferring your favorite photographs to wood. There are many steps and ways to do this so do your research into what methods you like best. Here is a good source that explains the method best.

Photos to Wood

CC BY 2.0
CC BY 2.0 | Source

So what did you think?

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If you read books (the paper,hardcover ones) them you probably keep some in book shelves. Use some of your favorite photographs and use them as the backdrop to the backs of each book shelf.

Sure the books will probably cover most of each photograph but if you print them to completely fit in each book shelf cubicle and place smaller books, then parts of the pictures will show and will add interest to whoever sees them.

Depending on the style of book shelf that you have you can use the pictures as stand alone décor in the spaces where books will not be placed.

Get some photos and print them to appear as if they were Polaroids, so you might want to tape them to a sturdy cardboard. Get a twig, some sea glass or other small trinkets and some string and you can quickly create a DIY photo mobile.

Instagram Wall

(CC BY 2.0
(CC BY 2.0 | Source

Make your own home art gallery. Pick a wall like a corner in your home and hang several pictures in different sizes.

Try to arrange them in attractive and creative patterns. Some of the best arrangements are to go from just below the floor line to almost the top of the wall.

Place a light above them like the ones that are used in actual art galleries and now you have created a mini version of an arts gallery with you being the only featured artist.

These make great hide away comfort corners where you can sit down and relax while you peruse your favorite book or sip your coffee.

If you like to play cards then print pictures to match the size of the cards, cut them to size, glue them to the back of each card and you have a personalized set of playing cards. One of a kind as it may.

Like to do embroidery? Then print out your favorite shot and stitch yarn to decorate it. Try to decorate only some parts of the photographs so as not to overpower the image itself and to let others see that this is an actual photograph.

For example if you have a portrait that features someone wearing a hat or glasses, then the best thing would be to stitch yarn onto the glass or hat area only.

Plan ahead before doing this. It is best to use a light pencil or marker to mark the areas where you will be stitching the yarn material.

CC BY 2.0
CC BY 2.0 | Source

Use photographs to give someone special some love notes. Cut some pieces of cardboard, and equal pieces of cloth, glue one piece of cloth onto one piece of cardboard and stitch one photograph to each set.

Make a small opening in one corner of each cardboard/cloth/ photo note (same location for each ) run a yarn/string through each opening . Now you have a set of loves notes to give to your special one.

Alternatively you can stitch the cloth onto the cardboard but leave one side open that will serve as a pocket. Then you can change photographs whenever you like.

Use some of your favorite photographs and transfer them onto your favorite apron, t shirt or jeans. There are a few ways of doing this so follow the link for one such method.

Basically any photo will do but I have seen some "old" antique looking photographs which seem to look better on cloth than their modern counterparts.

Simply process you photos through Photoshop to make them appear "aged" and use these instead.

© 2014 Luis E Gonzalez


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    • LuisEGonzalez profile imageAUTHOR

      Luis E Gonzalez 

      5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Ericdierker: Thank you

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Fun stuff here. Love the dog clock.


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