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Favorite TV Shows

Updated on December 28, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

Growing up, mainly in the 70's, watching television was a favorite past time of almost everyone. We didn't have cell phones or the internet to entertain us. We spent hours upon hours sitting in front of the television screen watching our favorite shows. If you were part of that generation, which TV shows were your favorites?

Also, during these times, the shows were much more family oriented and we sat around watching them with our parents, laughing together and just enjoying each other's company. Nowadays, with all this Reality TV, in my opinion, most of today's programming is crap. Come on, the Jersey Shore (which I admit, my kids love and never miss it), Jersey Housewives, and many many more. What lessons and impressions are being left on our kids today. I am happy to say that I've never watched a single episode of Survivor, or any of those reality dating shows. I have no interest whatsoever.

Even worse, the kids (and adults) don't need to wait each week for these shows to come on. With pay-per-view TV and services lik eNetflix, they can watch sitcoms at any time on any day.

I long for the days of good healthy Television. I recall waiting for every Thursday night to watch the Cosby show with my parents.

Some of the top shows i used to watch were:

  • The Brady Bunch
  • The Cosby's
  • Happy Days
  • Dark Shadows
  • Welcome Back Kotter
  • Love Boat
  • Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
  • Wide World of Sports
  • M*A*S*H
  • Cheers
  • Fantasy Island

I'm also not a big fan of the "Contest Shows". By these, I'm referring to shows like American Idol, The Best Chef, or the World's Biggest Loser. Granted, the shows where people show off their talents in order to win money or singing contracts are not bad. I sometime enjoy watching normal people showing off their talents. I don't like when you have someone really good followed by someone who has no right being on the same stage. I know they show the duds to promote good TV, but sometimes, that really gets old.

I also enjoy some of the Talk TV shows but the only ones I watch are usually late night. Johnny Carson was obviously the King of Late Night and there will never be another like him. I used to enjoy watching Johnny almost every night. Nowadays, I may channel surf between Letterman and Lenno, and usually watch the one with the best guests. Letterman's "Top Ten List" is always a must to catch!!

Which shows were your favorite? Do you like today's television as compared to in years passed? Are you a fan of reality television? Let me know by telling me your thoughts or by adding your own favorite shows in a comment below.

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    • tlmcgaa70 profile image

      tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

      some of my favorites were happy days, threes company, a-team, knight rider, and going a bit further back i also enjoyed c.h.i.p's.

      welcome to hubpages, you have a great start going here. i hope you will accept some advice, however...unless it is a poem, try to make your hubs at least 450 words long...and always try to have some pictures or video...for instance, you can use youtube to add video clips of your fav raises the value of your hub. I hope to see much more of your writing...good luck.