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February - the beat goes on

Updated on February 22, 2010
February in my world
February in my world

My Year

It passes so quickly, and I don’t know why. Every year I have great plans for February that never come to pass. There are less days in the month. That’s a good excuse.

Valentine’s Day, so special to so many is just another day for me. I have had incredibly bad luck with Valentine’s Days. The year when I was 26 and went with my boyfriend to a dance at the local community center and ended up going home alone. Don’t ask.

President’s Day - we used to celebrate Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays separately by cutting out their quite distinctive silhouettes to paste in the school windows.

The year my lovely husband got lethally drunk, came home from the bar and started a big bashing fight and I ended up spending the night in the car.

The year I gave up smoking and spent the night looking for just a butt, or some loose tobacco, tearing out the drawers and dragging out all my coats and pants to hunt through the pockets. No luck. Next day I decided to do my spring cleaning!

Ahhhh! February. Here in Northern California everything is green as green can be. Like kids crayons green. Greener this year than last and the mustard is vibrant. Driving home yesterday as the sun was setting the mustard glowed against the green hills and flocks of pelicans flew over - I almost drove into a ditch! So I stopped to photograph the pelicans.

Some of the flowering trees, plums, acacia, tulip trees - are flooded with flowers and the extra pollen that comes with them makes my head ache and I keep trying to drink more coffee to make it go away. The headache will stay until some rain comes and washes off that pesky pollen.

The promise of spring in February is what keeps a lot of us alive, I am convinced. Seriously, when there are two or three day long breaks in between the rains, I think “Yes, I CAN MAKE IT!” The air is still chilly but young people are throwing off their coats and jackets and bicyclers are wearing shorts again.

If you polled people about their favorite month, I doubt that February would win, it might be the month everyone forgets. So I’ll make this hub short, like the month, and spare you anymore of my dark, winter memories of this most forgettable month. March, now March, can be quite dramatic!


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  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 7 years ago

    Hey - Mike, gaaah Kansas - I remember very well Feb there and would not go back for all the tea in China! I must remeber Kansas whenever I get sorry for myself. I live in Paradise! really

    psychicdog - I know I have some unreal thinking habits - but only in February! well, that's a fib - but I know what to do about it - read about the weather in Kansas!

    Lorlie - so you know - we have so much perfection here, I don't see why it can't be ALL the time! two days of 70 degrees - 2 weeks of 40 degrees and rain and wind. I still feel lucky - I exaggerate a little how awful it is so people in snow country won't be tooo jealous!

  • lorlie6 profile image

    Laurel Rogers 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

    Perfect, mega1! I am also a Californian and am not enamored with February in the least. My dad died long ago this month, my auto insurance and registration are due this time of each year-so I agree-YUCK!

    But the tearing off of sweaters and jackets is awfully cool!


  • profile image 7 years ago

    with the best of intentions mega1, don't let a habit of mind like this take over! Keep finding the good stuff - there is plenty of it!

  • Mike Lickteig profile image

    Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

    I've had some ups and downs on Valentine's Day, also--sounds like you have had some really wild ones, though.

    Living in Kansas, I look at March much the way you view February. It's still too cold here for me to feel ready to come out of hibernation, but March makes me feel alive. Usually I make a lot of plans for to get busy but then get caught up in the basketball tournament. Such is life, I guess. Your words paint a vivid picture of life in Northern California--you make it sound really nice. It's been so long since I've traveled, and your hub makes me wish I could afford a trip somewhere.

    By the way, did you tell me your sister went to school in Manhattan? How 'bout that K-State basketball team? They are ranked sixth in the country.

    Well, thanks for writing this. Maybe I'll just disappear and travel for awhile.

    Or, maybe in March.