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Feel Good Songs About Friendship

Updated on February 23, 2017

This hub is about songs that make one thing of friendship via feel good music. I have also written a hub about feel good regarding duets and Christmas, which are basically just the emotions I get from listening to these songs. We can never know exactly what the musician was thinking or feeling when they write a particular song, but sometimes listening to it will give us some personal meaning. For instance, if I hear a song during a time I spend with family and friends then usually I will forever more associate that song with good time and wonderful memories. Songs about friendship to me are songs you can share with your friends, and songs that remind you of the wonderful times spent with friends.

Remember Me (My Friend)

In 1974 the Moody Blues decided to take a break, but Justin Hayward and John Lodge continued to work together and released an album called the Blue Jays in 1975. This album picks up where the Moody Blues left off and it has many beautiful and touching songs. Blue Guitar is simply majestic and the imagery of that song always helped to soothe me. However, the song Remember Me (My Friend) reminded me of my friendsand what special people they are. Back during the time when I first heard this song I was in a graduate program that was not for me, so when I came home at night I needed a form of escapism. Listening to the Moody Blues provided that escapism, plus the music is just so beautiful and I have to listen to it. Sometimes I realize I might go a few months without listening to the Moodies, but whenever I start listening to their songs again I feel renewed. This and the Twenty-third Psalm were the two things that got me through a very trying year. Now I am away from that not so great time, but I remain grateful for the good things that came out of that experiences, such as having friends and the ability to hear beautiful songs such as Remember Me (My Friend).

Lean On Me (Keys of The Kingdom)

The first time I heard Lean on Me I just remember thinking what a great song! Another reason I remember this song so vividly is because I first heard it on the PBS special A Night At The Red Rocks when I was thirteen, which was the famous concert where The Moody Blues performed live with an orchestra. Who knows exactly what this song means, but every time I hear of it I think about friendship. Of course I could be totally wrong and the song might be about something else entirely, but when I hear this song it reminds me of how I can lean of my true friends through good times and bad. Even listening to the song can be like having a good conversation with a friend, even though this is in reality just a form of escapism. However, I think friendship is a form of escapism from the harsh and sometimes hectic demands of the world. Music reminds me of great times spend with my friends, so listening to songs about friendship helps to get me out of a slump every time.


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