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Feeling a Bit Monkish

Updated on January 14, 2010
Tony Shalhoub is Adrian Monk      |      Traylor Howard is Natalie Teager
Tony Shalhoub is Adrian Monk | Traylor Howard is Natalie Teager

Monk Withdrawals

Viewed the final two episodes a few weeks ago, and I must admit that I am very sad to see this TV series come to an end.

It doesn't happen with much regularity at all that a group of actors and writers can have this kind of chemistry. They all seem to work together so well. They kind of grew together as the years progressed. It was headed in the right direction all along, but when Sharona left and was replaced by Natalie, it was the perfect mix. Not that Sharona wasn't a fantastic character, but I personally like the nurturing personality of Natalie rather than the abrasive Sharona.

There have not been many TV shows that can match the entertainment value of Monk (in this writer's humble opinion). Only a handful come to mind. And of course that is a totally individual preference for each viewer.

Since I am old, I have favorites that date back quite a way. For instance, "The Dick VanDyke Show" was well balanced with each actor adding just the right piece to the show puzzle.

I also thought that the original Bob Newhart Show was that type of entertainment with it's quirky group of doctors and neighbors.

More recently, Seinfeld filled the entertainment bill, although there were episodes that pushed the envelop of decency (ok, call me a prude). But the characters and writers for Seinfeld were brilliantly matched.

There's A Little Monk In Everyone

Sooo... What's your Monkish quality?

Each person has something that they are just a bit obsessive-compulsive about, don't you think?

I have a few, some of which I am not ready to divulge. But here is one. I tell the students at the school where I work that it is a curse... and a blessing.

I can spot gum chewing anywhere - in a crowd, in a hallway, in a classroom, even in a grocery store where it doesn't count (imagine me walking up to a cashier and telling her to dispose of her gum or I will write her up - it's a curse). I don't try to see it, it just happens. It's kind of like Superman seeing through walls (I just thought of another of my favorite TV shows - Batman - you know the Adam West funny tales). I see jaws slowly clinching when kids think they are successfully hiding their sin.

Sometimes I really get upset with myself about this gum chewing thing, because it takes time and effort to deal with it. But, like Mr. Monk when he sees a smudge on a piece of glass, I can't overlook it. I have to deal with it.

As already mentioned, the rest shall remain in the vault. But, yeah, Monk will live on in each one of us, even if just a little bit. I guess that's what made him so endearing to so many.

By the way, Monk is not just a favorite of us "foggies". I got introduced to the TV show by my daughter-in-law. And it turns out that my granddaughter is also a fan. Pretty cool stuff.

Jason Gray-Stanford is Randy Disher | Ted Levine is Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer
Jason Gray-Stanford is Randy Disher | Ted Levine is Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer

Got a Favorite?

Who's your favorite Monk character?

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