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Canadian Rocker: Fefe Dobson

Updated on January 20, 2009

Fefe Dobson Notes

Fefe Dobson is a Canadian singer/ songwritter. She signed with Island Records in 2003, but she was dropped from the company just three years later in 2006.

Dobson's first two singles, Bye Bye Boyfriend and Take Me Away, were big hits, but her second single in 2006 This is My Life ended up a flop.

She's managed to market one CD, but since Dobson left Island Records, she lost her rights to the second CD, Sunday Love.

Fefe wrote Start all Over for Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montanna, and has appeared on several movies and television shows.

Fefe Dobson Bio

Born on February 28, 1985, in the Toronto, Ontario, Felicia Lynn Dobson became the second daughter to a mother of Irish, Dutch and English ancestry, and a father of a Jamaican heritage. So, yes, people, Fefe Dobson is a biracial Canadian rockstar.

She has 3 siblings- 2 younger brothers and an older sister.

Her father left the family when she was young, and she only saw him occasionally until the age of 13, when she stopped seeing and talking to him all together. She put all the anger towards her father into writing Unforgiven.

She was always into performance and the arts. When she was young, Dobson when to a performing arts community center, and in the fifth grade, she played "Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz" at her school.

"After that, I felt a spiritual connection with Judy Garland."

Believe it or not, Fefe has mentioned that when growing up her biggest musical inspiration was Michael Jackson.

"I swore I was Michael Jackson. Then I found out I wasn't Michael Jackson and it broke my heart."

When she was 11, her mom bought her a karaoke machine for her birthday, and shortly after, she made a demo tape of 24 songs ranging from Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Selena, and Madonna. Fefe sent the demo toa few different record labels, but she didn't have any success with the demo tape. But, by this time Fefe had begun writing her own songs.

Fefe attended Wexford Collegiate Institute, a high school in Scarborough that is known for its performing arts program. Throughout high school, she continued looking for a record company that would make a deal with her.

Fefe Dobson - Unforgiven at the CRMAs

Fefe Dobson in Concert

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Fefe Dobson- The Artist

In 2000, Fefe was was discovered by Jive Records. They signed her immediately, but they wanted to give her a more traditional pop start image, and she wasn't having that. Fefe wanted more guitar in her music; she, also, wanted to include her own songs into her music. Jive Records rejected her ideas, and she left the record label.

Early in the morning, Fefe found herself signing a with one of the CEO's at Island Def Jam Music Group at a Toronto bar. The problem was that they initially sign her with the wrong lyrics. When she sang Stupid Little Love Song, people thought it was Stupid Little Buzz Saw, which everyone thought was genius. But, of course they were wrong. (Personally, I like the song better as written versus Buzz Saw.)

In the record studio, it's recorded that Fefe hung up posters of Kurt Cobain, Judy Garland, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley and the Vines, to help motivate her.

With Island Records, Fefe put out two singles and one full CD, but in 2006, she was dropped from the record label.

To this day, she is still working independently.

Fefe Dobson - Get You Off

Fefe Dobson CD


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