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Female Capcom Street Fighter Custom Stories And Fan Art

Updated on February 1, 2011

Cammy Versus Juni & Juli

Here is another fan art involving Street Fighter Characters. Here is Cammy in a different suit I design for her, Juni the blond in the middle, and Juli at the far right.

There are many scenes where I have seen them fight, so I figured I would do a fan art of them just as they are about to fight. Speaking of which, some may not think it is fair, since it is a 2 on 1 fight. I think Cammy will not back down from this fight, because she knows she can take them both.

The place seen here is the beach, thus they are just barefooted. For Juni and Juli it was a coincidence seen Cammy at the beach where they were just hanging. As for Cammy, It might not have been a coincidence. She probably decided to follow them and just be a nuisance to them and kick the butts (it makes good fighting practice lol). As soon as there were eye contact, adrenalin started pumping. So they got up from their confy chairs, and started the trash talk. haha!

The beach seen here could be interpreted as a holographic generated background which explains the wires at the bottom floor. Currently being is at 75% complete.

All the art seen here belongs to me.
Cammy, Juni and Juli are from Street Fighter Series copyrighted to Capcom.
This is fan art. Hopefully it will be liked.

Juri 20k

I had been meaning to do Juri (the korean, tae-kwon-do, bad girl with flashing evil eye) for a long time, but with all the new fan arts I have been doing, have not had the chance. I think she is fairly new to street fighter, so I think her popularity is still growing...

I have her doing a fireball with her finger here. although I just made it up, since for what I have seen so far is that she throws fireballs when she kicks.  You all might be asking why the 20k, and the reason is because this fan art was created for my Deviant art page which has now reached 20,000 visits mark.

this is fan art of Juri
all art seen here by me
Character design belongs to Street Fighter copyrighted to Capcom.

Ibuki Vs Akuma

"Don't take Ibuki lightly. She does not have brute strength like that of a man and here in this case, Akuma. But what she does have is ninja skills where unexpectedly she can come up from behind and twist someone's neck. ouch.. Exactly the case here. She sneaked behind Akuma's back and beat his face a little, then made him her slave. Dominant Ibuki for the win... lolz hehe!

This is fan art
character belong to Capcom's Street Fighter series"


Here is another fan art of Street Fighter. Now Makoto is not that very popular I think, but I like her much, She is cute to me. and she has great martial arts. She should have been included in Street Fighter 4 I think. Capcom has done a very poor job in the development of this character I think. Meaning she only appears in one Street Fighter series (SF3) while others appear in lots. People, people please, we need more fan art of her. I wish her popularity grew as much as Chun li and other female characters have.

Well anyway, I am glad on how this turned out. It took me approximately 4 hours all together to do this picture (from hand sketch to final colored piece seen here). The background: a little genetic, I think. partially taken from 3d software map. Lettering custom made. I was going to use font from the list on Photoshop but It takes away a little from my originality. I hope she is liked.

Makoto belongs to Capcom.


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