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Filipina Actress Krista Ranillo Photo Gallery and Video

Updated on November 17, 2009

Krista Ranillo

Who is Krista Ranillo?
Who is Krista Ranillo?

Who is Krista Ranillo?

As of writing, Krista Ranillo is one of the most searcheable Filipina celebrity today due to her involvement with Manny Pacquiao, who is known as the best boxer in the world today.

Krista Ranillo is a Filipina sexy actress from the Philippines. She started out as one of the teen stars of GMA-7. She is the daughter of character actor Matt Ranillo III. She appeared in some of GMA-7's shows including Rio del Mar and Click. Five years ago, she took a short break from her showbiz career and concentrated on her studies.

She took up Indisciplinary Studies at Ateneo de Manila University, where she is also a consistent dean's lister. She is currently in a relationship with Director Dominic Zapata, who was with her all throughout.

Krista Ranillo Tribute Video

Krista Ranillo's Showbiz Comeback

After graduating from college, Krista once again pursued her interrupted showbiz career.

She appeared on the cover of FHM in 2007 and starred in the independent movie 'Paupahan', where she played the role of a prostitute from the slums who wants to be an actress. Later on, ABS-CBN hired her to be Ryan Agoncillo's leading lady in the afternoon action-drama series Pieta. Her acting was praised by the critics.

In March 2009, she was chosen as Maxim Philippines' resident sex columnist and even appeared on the cover.

She is also the calendar girl of Ginebra San Miguel for 2010.

Krista Ranillo Photo Gallery


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    • profile image

      Emma 3 years ago

      I must say these pics are beautiful.Not to mtoeinn the color of the wedding dress, very different and I LOVE IT!!! The lil wrap around is adorable too.Its a great dress and it looks amazing in all the shots.Great Pics Tamara, you truly capture the momentoh and my other fav pic is the necklace dangling from the tree. very nice touch.

    • profile image

      jayson 5 years ago

      sana ako nlng ang mging bf ninyo

    • profile image

      fuckman 7 years ago

      swerte ni pacman sa iyo,ikaw malas ..pangit niya,pero nakakalibog ka..

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Beautiful and sexy. Thanks for share with us. I enjoy all the pictures. Good work!

    • profile image

      menard del mundo 7 years ago

      krista tanggalin muna lahat ng suot mo=)=)

    • profile image

      BLACKCAT 13 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Your old fan  8 years ago

      krista alam mo sobra kang malandi at sobra kang,ewan ko!basta pumapatol ka na lang sa may asawa ng may asawa ayan buntis ka na kasi nga ganon eh!...makati ka...

    • profile image

      lokoloko 8 years ago

      sexy mo girl...^^