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Filling The Gap Review

Updated on September 30, 2010

Filling The Gap Review

I was blessed to see a wonderful film at our college on Friday January 15th, 2010. It was not a sell-out or even viewed by more than a dozen citizens; however, it was simply a wonderful and important production that should be viewed by every citizen of our country, perhaps, before they obtain voting privileges.

Filling the Gap literally fills in relatively unknown pieces of significant historical information that renders honor and respect for many who fought the tyranny and oppressiveness of this period. Its portrayal of significant American politicians, abolitionists, artisans, craftsmen and inventors during the “ante-bellum” period has been portrayed in an accurate and wonderful manner. The portrayal of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were most notable and of significant accomplishment. The inclusion of religion intertwined with the lives of many was realistic and perhaps what has been left out in many historical “docudramas” that are produced. This film would be a pertinent resource for every school and college for the study of American History.

I cherish this profound quote from the film’s executive director and producer;

“Black history is not just black; it’s American History”

(Tyrone Young)

This quote should be reflected on by all.

If you proceed to a preview of this movie can be seen.

This film will premiere at Bethune-Cookman University’s Performing Arts Center on Saturday February 20th, 2010 at 4 P.M.

The address is 698 W. International Speedway Blvd.Daytona Beach, Florida.


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      Kairi 3 years ago

      It's a plusaere to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly