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Film Review: Star Trek (2009)

Updated on December 21, 2016
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Review written by: Jason Wheeler, Film Frenzy Senior Writer & Editor.


In 2009, J. J. Abrams directed Star Trek, based on the 1966 television series created by Gene Roddenberry, as the eleventh film in the franchise. Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Ben Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Winona Ryder, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Eric Bana, and Leonard Nimoy, the film grossed $385.7 million at the box office.


While his father takes command of a Federation starship during an attack, his son James Tiberius Kirk is born while the ship's personnel flee. He grows up angry and rebellious until Starfleet recruits him. There, he makes waves and must overcome his initial mistrust of Spock to stop a rogue Romulan named Nero.


As a way to reboot the franchise and reintroduce modern audiences to the characters of the original series, Star Trek is quite good in presenting an engaging origin story for the crew of the enterprise. Notably, despite the timeline being radically changed into an alternate reality thanks to Nero, they all still manage to come together, as if willed by destiny. Rather than his father inspiring him directly to join Starfleet, Kirk is inspired by Captain Pike, using the example of his father heroically saving over 800 people to dare Kirk to rise to his potential. Further, since Kirk didn't grow up with his father, his attitude and outlook changed to be more cynical which put him at odds with Spock. However, they still wind up friends due to Spock Prime. It’s also thanks to the bad blood between Spock and Kirk, along with the help from Spock Prime, that caused Kirk to meet Scotty. Had Kirk not been beamed down to Delta Vega, the Enterprise may have either had a different engineer or still had Scotty, just under different circumstances.

Though the film's "present day" looks quite a bit different from how it did in the original series, that's because of Nero's presence. Him just appearing and attacking the Kelvin started a chain reaction, which was the cause of universe becoming a different timeline than the original series. As such, it does make sense that Nero is the proverbial butterfly. Starfleet became more militaristic because Narada attacked Kelvin, causing Starfleet to be more advanced than it should be as a result of reverse engineering from when Kelvin scanned Narada. The bad blood that was initially between Kirk and Spock also makes sense because the latter is more disaffected and disgruntled than his counterpart from the original universe, making it so that when the two met, they had to overcome their differences. It's not just characters, technology and attitudes that changed though as events playing out in this timeline vary wildly from the way they did in the original series, such as the destruction of Vulcan.

Speaking of Nero’s influence on the timeline, he’s actually a great villain. Inadvertently being thrust into the past and destroying the Federation out of a desire for revenge for letting Romulus be destroyed by a supernova seems like an overreaction. Still, it's implied that he doesn't care about Romulus itself anymore and just wants those he believed caused the destruction of everything he ever knew to understand his suffering. This does bring about a bit of a paradox though as in this timeline, Romulus hasn't been destroyed yet, meaning he's getting revenge for an action that has not happened yet. What's more is Spock Prime arrived to late and this universe's Spock hasn't done anything yet. Therefore, nothing was Spock's fault in the first place. Nonetheless, Nero is just as insane as his namesake and his reasoning that he's going to prevent a genocide by committing genocide, when those he's getting revenge on didn't even cause the genocide to begin with, makes perfect sense for someone like him. Nero had 25 years to extract revenge as well, bringing about the possibility that he was consumed by a lust for vengeance.

4 stars for Star Trek (2009)

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