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Film and DVD Review: Goal 3

Updated on February 1, 2012

Goal 3 Review

From the makers of GOAL and GOAL 2 comes the newest installment of this fast-paced, football based, action packed trilogy. With the World Cup as its exciting setting, this is the story of two players, Liam Adams (J.J Fields) and his best friend and Real Madrid teammate Charlie Braithwaite (Leo Gregory).

Their journey playing for England thrusts them into the greatest football tournament in the world, and is filled with romance, humor and tragedy. Liam's world is turned upside down by an unlikely reunion just as he's about to reach the peak of his professional career. This is also a 'coming of age' story for Liam who finally faces up to his responsibilities on and off the field of play.

Goal! 3 (2009) Trailer

Is Munez in Goal 3?

Our favourite character who is sadly lacking from this awful final film.
Our favourite character who is sadly lacking from this awful final film.

David Becham in Goal III

Becham still appears as himself in this film.
Becham still appears as himself in this film.

Was Goal 3 good?

However these are my thoughts; What an utter f**k-up of a movie, the Goal trilogy is about the story of Sanitago Munez, a Mexican kid from the streets of LA who makes good and the first two installments are, and you'd be forgiven to think that the next step would be a final conclusion to the Munez story; at the world cup... but no.

Goal 3 isn't even about Santiago Munez, he barely features he is pitted against his old Real-Madrid (whom he never played against) and is forgotten about 20 minutes into the movie. The story is about two fictitious England players that have not even had a mention in the story thus far, it is a cheap spin off of Goal rather than the concluding part of the Munez story.

You don’t find out about his unborn son or the ending to his football career no Anna Friel, no "Gavin Harris", just cliché after cliché, just a huge disappointment to those that enjoyed the first two installments of this football tale.

What more can I say? Get this film just to watch to complete the series but don’t buy it to expect to find out what happens to Munez…just make those conclusions for yourself.

Goal 3 available here


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    • dipless profile image

      dipless 6 years ago from Manchester

      I agree this was pretty bad, not a good way to finish a good series

    • profile image

      goal fan 6 years ago

      What the sh=t...are you kidding me like all other people on here know what the goal movies r about...these producers and directors should be shoot..they don't know how to keep a story going.I wanna knock these guys out for ruining this trilogy..I was soo confused..I thought that ross was impregnated by someone else..that's how lost I was in this film!! Ahh u ruined it! Ill find ya!

    • profile image

      Moy 7 years ago

      I was a huge fan of Goal & Goal 2. When I came around watching Goal 3, I was in complete shock, that such a great movie that started off with a good plot, would continue on with nothing to do with the first 2 movies. The main star, Santiago, rarely was he seen in the movie. What a huge dissapointment from the producers and directors. It was a waste of film to go ahead and think, that this movie would have a positive outcome. I would have enjoyed watching Santiago play for his native country and ended the trilogy the way it should have ended. When you have something good going, movie companies just have to F@#$ it up by making unnecessary changes to the plot.... Thanks a lot!!!

    • profile image

      goal 1+2fan88 7 years ago

      The director or person who came up with the idea to do about 2 new playes is an arse. Nothing about Munez or any of the original characters. they should bring another out, concluding the Munez story AWFUL MOVIE. GUTTED!

    • profile image

      nour 7 years ago

      i think that gaol 1 and goal 2 is much better than the 3rd....all what i've been expecting before watching goal 3 is how he is going to solve things out with his old girlfriend....but all what i saw was a story of 2 dudes who we've never saw before...although the story was beautifull but getting into these 2 dudes was too much..we didn't even see munez as much as we saw liam and charlie...anyway bad ending and it could be much better:S

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Goal 3 is a F***king waste of time..

      it left me in utter disappointment and bewilderment.

      no connection whatsoever with the previous 2 sequel.

    • profile image

      laws 7 years ago

      wtf.. did I miss something? Who are these english players? What happened to Santi and Roz? Worst ending ever.

    • profile image

      menudo 7 years ago

      calling the attentions of producers..... do the remake of goal 3 or make another goal 4 to continue the story, forget the story of goal 3, do the continuation of goal I and II. Think it again, you will not lose if you will film another as good as I and II or better.

    • dipless profile image

      dipless 7 years ago from Manchester

      glad the majority of people agree that this was a very poor conclusion...of well

    • profile image

      Ray 7 years ago

      wtf.....the film looks like it cost 50p. how did anyone think they wud get away with making that shit! did anyone who made that film even watch the first two movies???? it has no connection with the other films! wtf

    • profile image

      Brad 7 years ago

      Wow, the first two movies are amazing, and they put this one in and ruin the whole thing, they should go back and remake the 3 movie, you can't end it like this

    • profile image

      Darcy 7 years ago


      I like football/soccer a lot more since I watched Goal! and Goal II.

      The plot was a good one. Santi and Roz were cool. Gavin Harris was cooler..

      Goal III? I found it absolutely horrible!

    • profile image

      The Film Pundit 7 years ago

      Really don't intend to spam but I would really appreciate if you checked out my blog in which I am attempting to watch all of Empire's 500 greatest films in a year! I have just started and deeply desire a large readership.

      Please check these out, I have such an amazing passion for films and writing!

      Really love your review of Goal 3....I'll be sure to not see it anytime soon!

    • profile image

      christin serrano 98 7 years ago

      uh worst movie ever makes no sentence compared to GOAL 1&2 those r good movies speacily the first badass not like the third 1 does not match with the storie in gaol 2 his mom his grandma brother rn even on tha movie bulshiet that suck plus santiago munez isn't even in the movie much only in some parts of the movie no i go 4 GOAL 1 & 2

    • profile image

      Gandzgits 8 years ago

      really, really ruin my first 2 goal movie.... retarded.....

    • profile image

      Drew 8 years ago

      I don't understand wtf happened? Did they just run out of money from the second one and thought that they just had to come out with a new one right away? Big disappointment. The producers need to create an actual sequel because this movie was made by a child.

    • profile image

      AG 8 years ago

      GOAL 3 ??

      the producer or whoever who decide to make the movie & release it should just hang themselves..!

      I waited almost 2 years maybe for the movie... it came out like that..??? SUCKS

    • profile image

      Kevin 8 years ago

      What was that movie was all about it actually had nothing to do with the other great movie Goal 1 and Goal 2 they were 2 great movies and i hope Goal 4 is going to be much better and plus where the hell was Santiago Munez he is the main person and the story of his. Come on producers think again about goal 4 please because Goal 3 suck for god sake man!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Sulaiman 8 years ago

      The Worst Sucked Movie, Hate it. First two were amazing. I recommend there has to be next episode with better and final work.

    • profile image

      Tommy Tynan 8 years ago

      i quite enjoyed this film to be honest. i think if you were looking for a countinuation of the story from the other two films then you've come to the wrong place but as a standalone its not bad. the drama in it is pretty good (not afraid to kill of characters). im not sure on the one guy though (green street guy) he didn't seem that believable as a player but overall i enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      Ethan 8 years ago

    • profile image

      Andrew 8 years ago

      Biggest let donw in my life, a perfect, original, not only inspiring, but very entertaining trilogy put to waste in a shockingly absurd out of the main idea movie. This should not have even come out to the market... and the only way to redeem the past two movies is to wipe off this soap opera and remake the movie! I don't care what was wrong with the actors get them back!!! and finalize somethign I was on my toes to have closure for.

    • profile image

      sam dom 8 years ago

      without doubt the worst film i have ever seen, poor acting and horrific clips from world cup 06 combine to make this a devastating train crash of a film. the only saving grace is the fantasic eye candy on offer which was the only reason i watched it to the end. i wasn't expecting too much from this film but jesus ive seen better acting in porn movies.

    • profile image

      chudders 8 years ago

      i don't know what's going on with these producers man.i watched goal 1 and goal 2 the best films ever and you know what watching them films inspires me to do what he did and became a footballer but it just lets me down when you watch goal 3.kuno becker hardly even starred in the film.he is one of my favourite actors of all please the producers of goal make a final one goal 4 and put gavin harris back in it and anna friel and glen foy and then you will make us all happy and you then could forget about these comments because goal 4 will be that good.please read this producers and make goal 4 thank you for your time bye.

    • profile image

      Francis 8 years ago

      I expected a LOT from this movie. But true enough, this is one of the dissapointing films i've ever seen.

    • profile image

      ali 8 years ago

      bolocks to this this crap movie i rented in to finish of the story but all it did was talk about some other dudes who where crap actors and all the foot ball scenes where played with green screens which looked crap anyway and their was no old acctors like gavin haris and you would of thought he would of at least got back with girlfriend or i don't know played football i don't even want to watch the old ones now that i have seen the ending from the third film.there where some parts in the movie wheni thought i was going to see munez's girl but then i suddenly droped and i am going to write to the maker reqesting a new one telling them that they would make millions out of it and they would.

    • profile image

      Jenny 8 years ago

      Whoever created this film are NORMANS!

      It has ruined a great 2 films.

      It had nothing to do with Santiago Munez or his story, except metaphorically; (with Liam and his kid).

      I seriously do not recommend this film to anyone with sense, it completely ruins your view on the whole concept of the film. The best part was when it showed real footage from the 2006 world cup and when the mole man died! It seemed low budget and if I am honest COMPLETE AND UTTER SHITE and I'd rather watch paint dry, if you like this film you have to be a FUCK UP with no sense! O and BTW for the time Santiago Munez was actually in it, WHAT THE FUCK HAS HE DONE TO HIS HAIR!

    • profile image

      SergioRamos1390 8 years ago

      the first film was well and the second film shows the live as a blancos soccer but wtf happen in the third film?!?!

      two idiots who play 1-2sek in a simply soccer scene....why it seems that the producer hasen't got enough pleasure and money that's a horrible shit and of course the matches of real and newcastle was better than to show some goals of teams with no links of playmaking

    • profile image

      tls 8 years ago

      same here... im so dissapointed... worst case has come true.

    • profile image

      SithCol 8 years ago

      I watched 30 mins of the movie and I fast forwarded to the end...

      cant believe they finished off a trilogy in such way...

      really f'up in da head those producers...