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The Best Sci Fi Horror Thriller Films Like Event Horizon

Updated on May 19, 2011
Some of the Crew Members.
Some of the Crew Members.

A Scifi Horror Suspense Thriller Film called Event Horizon

The movie Event Horizon is a rare breed in the increasing crowded genre of sci fi films.

Through an intriguing plot device of a prototype dimension jumping ship that have mysterious reappeared after missing for many years. It  is able to seamlessly incorporate elements of science fiction and horror into a dark atmospheric story.

What makes this sort of movie work is usually the interplay of the motives hidden or otherwise of the crew as they brave the impossible odds. I must say that the casting is perfect for this movie.

Sam Neil who plays the scientist who created the space folding ship pulls off a nice transformation of his character as the influence of the mysterious ship takes its toll on his pysche. The rest of the crew is affect in different ways with some experiencing their own version of hell.

If you haven't watch Event Horizon then it is highly recommended you get your hands on a DVD or even Blu-Ray version of it.

If like me you enjoyed the retina burning images in Event Horizon then read on for the list of more films like Event Horizon. 

How's that for a serious case of sore eyes (I'm kidding of course)
How's that for a serious case of sore eyes (I'm kidding of course)

Movie Trailer of Event Horror

The Interntional Crew in the film Sunshine.
The Interntional Crew in the film Sunshine.


If you love the Sci Fi thriller elements featuring a crew of a spaceship of movies like Event Horizon. Then you'll probably love this well made sci fi movie Sunshine.

Sunshine is directed by the fabulous Lee Ang and he was smart enough to cast an interesting mix of great actors that really adds subtle texture and depth to the movie. 

A stunning & mind blowing effects shot from Sunshine.
A stunning & mind blowing effects shot from Sunshine.

In the Mouth of Madness

This is one of John Carpenter's most atmospheric suspense horror which also stars Sam Neil who also in the movie Event Horizon.

Imagine a town that is a portrait of a world gone mad with reality blurring between the town folks and the characters from a horror bestseller book.

John Carpenter captures the feel of H P Lovercraft perfectly by transplanting into a modern mind bending tale of subtle horror and suspense, full of demented imagery and spine chilling twists. 

Movie Trailer of John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness

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    • profile image

      Daydreamer Too 

      7 years ago

      I heard of Event Horizon but had never watched it, after reading this hub, I'm going to be watching both now. I like Sam Neil too, he's a great actor. Voted up!


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