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Final Fantasy 7 Advent children

Updated on January 25, 2012


The lifstream, a river of life that circles the planet and gives life to everything in it. Shinra electric company discovered a way to use the life force for people in midguard to live content lives. Shinra then used their power to stop anyone who got in their way. They had a special elite force called soldier in which all the soldiers we're injected with Jenova cells. Jenova was a calamity that fell from the sky a long time ago and tried to destroy the planet. Sephiroth, soldiers finest begin to realize what shinra has done with experimenting on humanity and begin to hate the company that also led him to hate the world. As time progressed he then begin to hate everything so much he wanted the planet to become obsolete. The planet then used the lifestream as a weapon in which the planet was washed away leaving nothing but time. Sadness was the price that was payed to see it all come to an end.


The story starts off in a battle in which Cloud then is confronted by three remnants Loz, Kadaj, and Yazoo. They're searching for the calamity Jenova in which they refereed to as mother. They wish to wield its power in order to awaken Sephiroth and cause destruction to the planet. After the battle Cloud then is requested to speak with the president of Shinra Rufus, in which Rufus ask for his assistance in restoring the planet back to its normal state. Nostalgic to what Shinra has done, Cloud refuses the offer and leaves. Cloud then sets out in solitude in search for understanding of what is going on. A scene breaks out in which Kadaj finally comforts Rufus in search for the calamity Jenova. Kadaj plans to use the people of Midguard who is infected with the geostigma to fight. A scene then is taken place in which Tifa is then comforted with Loz one of the 3 and a battle is taken place. Tifa is defeated and Loz takes Marleen a orphan in hopes of bating Cloud to battle him. Loz then finds the materia, which are power infused in spheres and leaves Tifa to her death.

The final battle

Cloud then is comforted with Kadaj in trying to stop him from recreating Sephiroth. Kadaj summons Bahamut to do his bidding to buy him time. Cloud and his friends fight the summon when cloud then brings the beast down. Kadaj then infuses himself with the Jenova cell and becomes Sephiroth, which then yet another battle is taken place. Sephiroth then is succumbed to Clouds despair in which he then is defeated and Midguard is saved. The movie is a great installment and a wonderful pleasure to watch. If you had not had the opportunity to watch this film I highly recommend it.


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