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Finding Nemo 2 is All About Finding Dory

Updated on September 26, 2015

Finding Dory Poster


Nemo Has Been Found But Dory is Now Lost

If you didn't watching Finding Nemo (2003), then get ready for the spoiler -- Nemo was found.

Disney announced that there is a sequel to Finding Nemo, and this next movie is going to be about Finding Dory, Nemo's blue fishy friend. Ellen Degeneres is the voice of Dory.

Ellen Degeneres had this to say about the new movie: "The script is fantastic. It has everything I loved about the first one: a lot of heart, it's really funny, and the best part is it's got a lot more Dory."

Dory's character in Finding Nemo is best described as scatterbrained. Dory is the atypical ADHD type of person, not being able to focus, and conversationally all over the place. So the fact that Dory is now lost in the big blue ocean is no surprise.

Dory is a Loyal, Yet NAÏVE Character

In Little Nemo, Dory was the loyal best friend that has absolutely no common sense. Dory would be considered the comic relief in the movie.

Will Finding Dory be a dull movie without the comic relief?

I'm sure that Finding Dory will have a lot of humor, even with the absence of Dory.

Since Dory was a huge part in the rescue of Nemo, it would only make sense that Nemo would return the favor for Dory.

The official move trailer can be viewed below.

Finding Dory Official Trailer

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

movie poster
movie poster | Source

Could Dory Be Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Dory is not known for her brains. That is a given.

In the 2005 movie, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, all dolphins left planet Earth because of their higher intelligence. They saw the writing on the wall, and protested by leaving.

Could Dory have disappeared from planet Earth due to her higher intelligence?

Very unlikely.

Dory is not smarter than a 5th grader, and we have learned from Jeff Foxworthy's show that 5th graders are actually pretty smart.

You will just have to find out for yourself how smart Dory is, when Disney releases Finding Dory to the theaters in 2015.

Bruce the Shark


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McDonald's Fish McBites

Did Dory get eaten?
Did Dory get eaten? | Source

6 Theories Behind Dory's Disappearance

I have a few theories about what happened to Dory.

  1. Dory got sidetracked while doing something. Let's not forget that Dory has a hard time staying focused. A fish like this would not have trouble getting lost in the deep blue sea.
  2. Dory got eaten by Bruce the shark. Sharks eat fish. That's a fact of life. Dory could be fish food for the sharks.
  3. Dory went into the slipstream. Let's not forget the fish highway that takes fish long distances, very fast.
  4. Dory mistook another clownfish for Nemo and followed said clownfish to another part of the ocean. Dory isn't the sharpest marble, after all.
  5. Dory was captured by a human and taken to be a pet in a fish tank.
  6. McDonald's fishermen caught Dory and served her up as Fish McBites on the value menu. (see picture on right)


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