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First interview of Malvika Subba and her hubby Riyaz Shrestha after wedding

Updated on October 4, 2013

Malvika Subba who was crowned as the Miss Nepal on 2002 got married on April 25,2012 to Riyaz Shrestha. This is the very first interview of Malvika in the national TV show of Nepal.The interviewer mentioned about their marriage as a fairy tale in a real life.

This was definitely a love marriage after being in a relationship for a long time.I hope all the fans of Malvika will enjoy reading it.

Interview with Malvika Subba and her hubby!

Malvika said that she never found any other guy who could understand her like Riyaz did.That's why she got married late as she wanted to find the right guy for herself. In fact, she even adds that when Riyaz and Malvika met each other, they didn't believe in marriages.They believed that relationship was not important. So, they just became friends and this friendship grew stronger.They became best friends.

The interviewer further wanted to know about the changes in her behaviour and her thoughts after her marriage although it hasn't been too long.Malvika and Riyaz enjoyed answering that question.She replied that there hasn't been much changes and she isn't having a hard time adjusting things.She tells that she did not cry in her wedding at all ; as she happily bid goodbye to everyone saying that she'll be back again the next day.But she also admitted that next day she woke up, she got shocked to realize that she was married already and the guy next to her was her husband.This is a very funny moment which you should watch in the interview.Riyaz also talked about adjustment.He mentioned that in every relationship it takes certain time to adjust but it hasn't been long since they got married.However, they are positive that things will be okay and would not be very difficult for them.

Malvika talked about what kind of marriage she wanted.She told that she wanted to get married after a romantic proposal like in western societies.So she told it to Riyaz that she wanted to get a proposal before getting married.She said that the day of wedding was fixed and preparations were being done but Riyaz still didn't propose to her.She almost lost her hope when one day he knelt down before her with a ring and proposed to her which shocked her.This happened on the day of holi (Hindu festival) and admits that she was pretty exited which made her scream for 5 minutes.To know the whole story watch the video.The interviewer requested Riyaz to repeat the proposal again.Riyaz without any hesitation knelt down and proposed to her.

Riyaz: Will you marry me?

Malvika: I already did.(Laughing)

Riyaz: Will you stay married to me?

Malvika: Umm..I'll think about it.(lol..)Riyaz :(Laughing) Seems like you need another ring.

When asked about changing her surname she replied that she didn't want to change it as it was her identity.Malvika has worked in the media for several years and she has also been a feminist.She believed that this was her identity which she did not want to erase.She mentioned about her aunt who said that women do not have their own identity (especially in the country like Nepal).Before marriage a girl has a different identity and after marriage she has to change her surname to that of her husband's.Malvika said that it was a very sad fact.Supporting her reason, Riyaz said that he has no objection to it.He told that that was why he fell for her and he did not want to change her decision.He said that this nature of hers was one of the best things he found in her.

Riyaz worked as a marketing associate and accountant in a communication company in the United States of America.He is also a Salsa instructor for 8 years and he also owns a Salsa school.She learnt Salsa from him.She told that she also secretly had feelings for him when she learnt Salsa from him.But she didn't like the fact that she was being scolded during her Salsa lessons from the guy she liked.However she got used to it.The interviewer wanted them to perform Salsa.However Riyaz added the funny fact if Malvika would be able to dance in her Sari.

The next thing they were asked was to sing a song.Malvika said that she has already heard his singing and she doesn't want him to sing anymore.The nicknames they used to call each other are different at different times.Malvika is called by the nickname 'V' or 'Malvi' by Riyaz whereas he is called as 'Baa' by Malvika.('Baa' is a shorter form of 'Baba' that Nepali females call their hubbies.Malvika and Riyaz decided to make a unique The interviewer further insisted them to sing a song. Riyaz denied saying that singing a song in her show will put his life at stake.They sang a song 'Lucky' by Jason Mraz together.

In the end, they agreed that they really helped each other during tough times that increased their strength.She told that difficult situations made them love each other more.When asked what Malvika wants from Riyaz, she teased Riyaz saying that she wants him to be a little more mature and active.She expects the same love from him even after their marriage.However Riyaz said that Malvika in his life means his life being perfect.He also admitted that he is lazy and this increases Malvika's temper.He told that he will try to improve his habits too but he doesn't want any change in Malvika.

I had fun watching their interview.I have been a big fan of Malvika since a long time.I pray for their success and want to congratulate them again on their marriage.Best wishes!<3


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