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"First-Date" Movie Review

Updated on September 2, 2014

A Note from Jerry

Hi Readers,

I appreciate your support, and I am glad you are taking the time to read my article.

I am an "Average Joe" (or in this case Jerry), who enjoys watching movies. Over the years I have put together movie reviews and posted them on my Web Blog - Jerry's Movie Reviews.

Do check it out when you get a chance!

Sincerely, Jerry

Beware the "First-Date Movie"!

Many a budding relationship has been stopped cold by movies. That's correct - MOVIES!

Too much violence, foul language, explicit sex scenes, etc.... The results are the same: Your date is ready to abandon all thoughts of a second date!

This article provides our readers an opportunity to have an enjoyable evening and enables a relationship to blossom beyond the first date.

Using a simple movie rating - a movie is/is not a "first-date movie", we hope our readers can avert a miserable evening by choosing only "first-date movies".

If it can help just one of our readers from being labeled a "sex-crazed, violent maniac", then the article has accomplished its goal.

So, beware the "First-Date Movie" and read on!

- Jerry (aka Hbng84)

For the latest movie reviews check them out at Jerry's Movie Reviews.

General Rules for a "First-Date" Movie?

This article assumes two people have decided to watch a movie for their first date. The movie may be a new release showing in movie theaters, or a DVD rental that they chose together.

That said, here are Jerry's General Rules for a "First-Date" Movie:

  1. Don't go to the movie theater for a first date. Why... because a first date should be in a setting where two people can talk and learn about one another. Go to a movie theater and you may have about 20" to whisper to each other before the movie starts. Once the movie starts, you sit in silence watching the movie in the dark for an hour and one-half or more before you get to talk again with your date.
  2. However, if you decide on the movie theater regardless of the first rule, then watch the movie before your date. Make sure the story line flows well and is easy to follow. If the movie cannot do this, then suggest another movie or better yet, don't go to the movie theater.
  3. Next, does the movie have explicit sex scenes and/or sexually suggestive scenes? If so, unless you are certain your date likes these movies, better pick a different movie.
  4. Having passed the third rule, watch for scenes that contain graphic violence. Scenes with blood spraying everywhere and body parts going in all directions are a good indicator to pick a different movie.
  5. Next, does the movie contain an unusual amount of foul language like "F-Bombs" and racial slurs, this is another good indicator to pick a different movie.
  6. Finally, if the sex scenes, violent scenes, and foul language were deleted or modified, did the movie's story line still make sense? If it did, then it is another reason to pick a different movie.

Okay... so I decided not to go to the movie theater, what now Jerry?

First, good choice! First dates are tough at times, better to stack the deck and wait for a later date to go on a movie date to the theater!

Instead, seek a setting that allows you to talk with your date and prevents those awkward moments of silence. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A group setting with friends is a good start. Could be a friend's birthday party, dinner with friends, or lunch (always a non-threatening date) like a company picnic. Also, a live music venue like open mic night at a local pub is good.
  • If a group setting is not happening, then set up a lunch date, meet for a cup of coffee, or go for the dinner date.
  • Also, an activity that you both like is a good choice. This could be a sport, a hobby, or a local attraction like hanging out at the beach, "window shopping" downtown, or riding the roller coasters at the amusement park.

The key to the first date is to be able to talk and learn about the other person, who may become your "significant other" someday, possibly sooner than later.

Having learned more about the other person, you will have an idea what movies the other likes. Moreover, let's say your first date goes well, then be prepared to extend the first date by suggesting watching a DVD rental together (or downloaded from the Internet).

If this happens, then the same General Rules above apply. So be sure, to follow them as well when choosing a movie together!

Funny Video but good to keep in mind for a first date!

Jerry's Top 3 Movies for a First Date!

First date is happening, going to the Texas State Fair for some fried foods, meander through the fair grounds and see the attractions, and then listen to the Randy Rogers Band on the Main Stage! What movie do I rent to extend the first date?

Great first date idea, and the Randy Rogers Band makes for some great tunes! Here are Jerry's top 3 movies for a first date:

#1. "Sleepless in Seattle" is ranked number 1 because it serves as a reminder that someone is out there for you!

  • Tom Hanks plays a widower and single parent dad mourning the loss of his wife.
  • Meg Ryan is Tom's life partner; they just don't know it yet.
  • Tom's son, seeking help for his dad, calls in to national radio talk show and somehow gets his dad to talk live on the show.

#2. "August Rush" is the second choice because it forces home "Sleepless in Seattle's" point but expanded to a Man, a Woman, and a Child.

  • Two talented musicians meet, fall in love, and have a one night stand that changes their lives forever.
  • The one night stand leads to a child being born. The father has no idea about the child. The mother has the child but is led to believe the baby died in birth.
  • The child did not die but was given up for adoption, placed in an orphanage, and spends his life searching for his parents.
  • The child has a musical ear for creating songs and decides that they will find him through his music.

#3. "Yes Man" is number 3 but could easily rank higher except it is more comedy than romance. Still it is a definite first date choice.

  • Jim Carey lives a life of excuses. Opting to be alone since his break-up with his girlfriend, he has become a social recluse. Deciding to stay at home making up excuses not to join others.
  • Then one day, Jim bumps into an old acquaintance who convinces him to attend a seminar. Somehow he agrees to go to the seminar and immediately afterwards Jim begins to experience a new way of life.
  • Jim no longer gives excuses but answers "YES" to everything. Great storyline with a ton of possibilities for disaster, humour, and even a relationship.
  • In the case of a first date movie recommendation, Jim Carey and Zooey Deschanel's relationship is a great example of what can happen if you don't answer opportunity with excuses but with a "YES, YES, YES!"

Note: "Meet Joe Black" made honorable mention. Cannot pass on the chemistry that Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani brought to the movie screen. The main reason it did not make the Top 3 is the movie is lengthy... almost three hours.

What movie genre do you feel is best for a first date?

See results

Jerry's Top 3 Movies for Guys!

To close out this article, here are Jerry's top three movies for guys, and a brief explanation on why they are recommended.

#1 "Jerry Maguire" is ranked number 1 because it prepares you for a job interview!

  • That is, job candidates must maintain a mindset of "help me, help you" to prove they are the candidate of choice.
  • As the interview nears completion, the discussion can then shift to "show me the money" talks.
  • If all goes well, the hiring manager can close with the comment, "you had me at hello" since having reviewed your solid resume and strong cover letter.

#2. "The 300" is Jerry's second choice because it is built on solid "Guy Movie Principles":

  • Against all odds and doomed for failure, the Spartans must fight and die to defend their country. Subsequently, even dead they are victorious.
  • Slow motion, fight scenes with blood and gore everywhere. More important, the bulk of the dying is on the side of evil.
  • Beautiful women who know their place in society - specifically, as the King departs for war, his Queen sends him off by saying, "Come back with your shield or on it!"

#3. "Patton" with its opening scene - the veteran General in an Old Army Calvary uniform addressing his troops against an American flag background. 'Nuff Said!

Note: There are more movies that made honorable mention, such as the Jason Bourne franchise. But, faced with the challenge to pick only three movies, the three noted above were the end result.


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