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Five Best Pakistani Dramas of 2014

Updated on September 13, 2015

Pakistani Dramas

Many Pakistani TV dramas are getting renowned and prevailing on our different TV channels since last couple of years. 2014 also remained an ideal year for the Pakistani drama industry. Most of the dramas were having some new and enrapturing background such as:


Like traditional romantic films of Bollywood, this drama also follows the love triangle. Drama basically features two cousins who are actually completely contrasts of each other. In this Pakistani TV drama, one wishes of living a high standard life while the other isn’t that hardworking and wants to experience the life. At end, both of them fell in love with one guy and it produces hatred among them.


Drama has been shot out in Florida and describes the scuffle among siblings. It has been observed that often our own siblings and other close relations cause hurdles in our lives. Pakistani TV drama features Sanam Saeed, who meets with her brother’s psychiatrist and soon both of them fell in love with each other. She married to him because she used to live depress due to her mother’s utter behavior.

Main Bushra

Our major dilemma of the society has been raised in this serial. Mawra Hocan tries to prove her father that daughters are no more passive part of society. They can also take part in all fields because they are not inferior. This Pakistani TV drama also resists the concept that if you want to have the baby boy, then a mother should have some Islamic name like Bushra.


As the name suggest, drama is about power and dignity of truth. Due to having obscure cast, drama couldn’t get too much famous but it also hits one of the social predicament. Pakistani TV drama emphasizes that real truth cannot remain hidden for long. It has to come in front of everyone one day. Drama gave the moral lesson that one should respect their elders and dignity and wealth are real powers of human being.


One of the serious vicious of today’s world has been described. Having two wives of a man is not very orthodox in today’s world. This Pakistani TV drama features a person who has two wives. His first wife was diagnosed with cancer and it shows how her husband was changed. New woman came into his life and it really supported him through her unconditional love and care.


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